Global Delight Releases an Updated Version of Voila Screen Capture Software and Boom Volume Booster and Announces a Special Holiday Offer

UDUPI, India, November 18, 2011 - Global Delight today announced the availability of a new version of Voila screen capture software and Boom Volume Booster. In the latest version of Voila, they have been able to support popular Email clients such as Microsoft® Outlook®, Sparrow and Sparrow Lite along with the existing options, Apple Mail and Microsoft® Entourage®. This updated version also includes a handy feature for most users, whereby the URL of any content uploaded from within the app will be saved thus making it it easier for users to share content.

The Boom update is also a quite significant one. This version sports a considerable improvement in the CPU usage. Boom users will be pleased to know that the CPU utilization drops to nil when there is no sound input for a continuous 5 seconds. A rare occurrence of an audio-sync issue has also been fixed, thus users can enjoy watching their videos or listening to music using Boom.

The special Holiday Offer is a celebratory gesture to mark the release of these updates and keeping in mind the upcoming holiday season. Users wishing to buy a copy of Voila will be gifted with a free copy of Boom. Boom, a Macworld 2011 Best of Show Winner, which is priced at USD $8.99 will be offered absolutely free with a purchase of any kind of license of Voila. This is a great opportunity for any Mac enthusiast, to grab these two great softwares at such an attractive offer. The offer is available only on the Global Delight Online Store and will end on November 30, 2011.


Voila runs on Mac OS X® 10.5.8 or later and is designed to run on any Intel-based Mac running 1.25 GHz and above. iPhoto® v6.0.1 or later is required for exporting captured or annotated images.

Boom runs on Mac OS X® 10.6 or later on any Intel based Mac.

Pricing and Availability:

Voila Screen Capture and Recording Software is priced at US $29.99 and is available for immediate download on the Mac App Store or on the Global Delight Online Store. The offer is however valid only on the Online Store.

Boom Volume Booster Software is originally priced at $8.99 and will be offered for free during this promotion. It is also available for purchase on the Mac App Store and the Global Delight Online Store.

About Global Delight:

Global Delight is the perfect blend of Mac and iPhone aficionados, tech geeks and right-brained technologists and we aspire to create something exceptionally extraordinary! We want to build an appetite for all those people who have spent their money’s worth on buying a Macintosh or an iPod/iPhone!.

Some of our most popular apps include Voila Screen Capture Tool and Boom Volume Booster for Mac; photography apps used by more than millions of people - Camera Plus Pro and Camera Plus for iPhone/iPod touch; and the gorgeous selective colorizing app Photo Delight for the iPad.

Press Contact:

Phone: +91-820-253-5458
Fax: +91 820 2583458

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