Brilliant everyday iPhone photography with easy-to-use features!

Mobile Photography Re-Imagined

Camera Plus is designed to equip all of you with pro-like features that are easy to use on your iPhone and iPad. With everything within reach and a non-existent learning curve, you can be rest assured that the photos and videos captured will look perfect, instantly! Let the heart take over on this one.

Camera Plus on Apple Watch

Camera Plus on Apple Watch is the best remote trigger that gives you all the more freedom and control to capture photos and shoot videos. You can remotely trigger the capture of photos and videos straight from your wrist with additional features like:

  • Live Preview before capture
  • Photo capture
  • Video recordings
  • Switch between front and rear camera
  • Flash On or Off
  • Countdown timer
  • Instant preview after capture

Features That Give You The Best Shot!

  • Camera Plus has a special 'Macro' focus mode tailored just for you. Unlike other complicated camera apps, you can capture stunning Macro photos of raindrops, butterflies etc. directly from the main screen with a single tap. Up Close & Personal

  • Camera Plus is your go to app for magical remote controlled photography. Whether it is a group photo with friends and family or a candid video of you with the pets, you will now always be in the frame. AirSnap lets you hook two iOS devices, where one becomes the camera and the other is a trigger for you to remote control. Distance is Relative

  • Camera Plus can capture brilliant videos without eating up all your precious storage space. You can also choose to capture in 480p and 720p for videos that are crisp, beautiful and small in size! For budding directors out there, ‘Focus Shift’ can record videos where you can focus in and out of subjects during capture, giving a cinematic perspective. Poetry in Motion

  • Camera Plus is the best at getting you to focus only on capturing great photos, minus all the added distractions. With most functions in the form of simple taps and slides, you get to easily use exciting features like Exposure (Lumy), One-Touch Editing (Pix’d), Burst, Level Indicator, Timer and Stabilize without having to fiddle around! Simplicity on Display

  • Camera Plus is perfect at letting you wear your heart on your sleeve. Let your photos convey more than just emotion with elegant Text Captions. Select from a choice of fonts, colors, spacing and opacity to make your photos speak what you feel. A World of Words

  • Camera Plus offers a choice of gorgeous filters to add a splash of color and a dash of attitude. Whatever may be the occasion or feeling you’re carrying, you are covered! Slap on some trippy 'Lucid' or go purple with 'PurplX' and see a whole new side to your photos. Color Everywhere

  • Camera Plus knows that some things are meant only for your eyes. Whether it is a precious photo or a private video, you can instantly lock it away from plain sight. The app also supports Touch ID to unlock your captures! (in app purchase required) Lock & Key

  • Camera Plus gives you detailed photo editing and fine tuning controls such as brightness, contrast, sharpness and more. Not everyone wants to spend ages in front photos, trying to correct inaccuracies. With 'Pix'd', you can auto-enhance captured photos with a single tap! Instant Gratification

Shot with Camera Plus

Download once and get to use it on your iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch

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27+ Million Downloads

9+ Million Unique Users

Localized into 11 Languages

Media and Users reviews

  • "Camera Plus is quick and produces images as good as other top-tier photo apps. While not overflowing
    with seldom-used features, it has what you need to take excellent photos by providing tools to
    help you align, focus and compose your images." -
  • "The ability to restrict focus is handy, and Lumy does make it easy to
    fine-tune your shots." -
  • "The first time I launched the newly designed Camera Plus app I knew it would quickly become
    one of my favorite photo management and editing apps again." -
  • "For those not experienced with photo editing, Camera Plus makes it easy
    to learn how." -


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