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With an intuitive interface and powerful toolset, you get to effortlessly create and edit videos, annotate images, organize files and simply share them the way you want!

Screen Recording & Tutorial Video Making

Fullscreen & Region Recording

Record the entire screen or any specific region of choice. Choose to show or hide the cursor when creating informative tutorial videos. Whatever you do, you are assured of high quality videos.

Video recording of iOS devices

Record and add video in real-time. Position it at convenient locations and re-size as per need. A perfect tool for tutorial videos, reaction videos, how-to videos and much more. Also add external recording device, if need be.

Video recording of iOS devices

Video record your iPhone or iPad’s screen by hooking up the device to a Mac.

record computer audio

Capture the computer’s audio or your voice during screen recordings. This is perfect when creating instructional and tutorial videos where clear audio quality from both, your microphone and computer is required.

auto stop recording

Capto allows you to set a pre-defined screen recording duration beforehand. Along with audio recording, this comes in handy for when you need to record something important for a predetermined amount of time.

Video Editing

video editing

The video editor in Capto has many options so that you get the best possible output. Cut or Trim recordings to remove unwanted portions. Join various captured clips to make one full video. You can also crop videos and get them to the desire resolution.

video annotation

Build upon screen recordings by annotating them with the highly useful tools provided. Add shapes, arrows, text and much more.

audio control

Adjust volume levels to suit your video.

video file export

Save and export videos in a variety of file types and formats.

Screenshots and Web Capture

Fullscreen and Selection screeshots

Take image screenshots in a variety of ways. You have the freedom to capture an entire screen or only portions of it. You can use a countdown timer too.

capture webpage

Use Capto to save an entire webpage, including the scrolled portions you can’t see. You have the choice of using your own supported browser or Capto’s own easy-to-use browser.

Image Editing & Exporting

image annotations

Capto comes with a toolset full of annotating and editing options. You have a multitude of options to add arrows, text, blur, highlight, and more to make the image more informative. You can also tweak color and stroke properties.

export images

Capto allows you to export images in various formats. They can also be directly sent to be opened in other supported programs, making it a must-have for those who use multiple apps.

Intuitive Organization

smart file organizer

By default, Capto has folders that intelligently places screenshots and screen recordings in easily identifiable smart holders. This helps sort all your captures at one go without having to manually do so.

organize folder

Create your own folders to store screenshots and screen recordings. You have the freedom to customize and edit them according to your own specifications.

file meta data

Capto has a detailed information bar and also makes screen captures and recordings easily searchable by using a tag system. You can add tags and later use them to search for all your captures containing it. They remain even after exporting them for use on a system-wide level.

Easy Sharing

share on social media

Your screenshots and screen recordings can instantly be shared to Facebook, Tumblr, YouTube etc. with one click!

online file uploading

Collaborate with your team by uploading captures to Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive etc. from right within Capto. You can also share them via Email or simply drag-and-drop them to the desktop or into other apps.

share via FTP/SFTP

If you use FTP or SFTP servers for storing your work, Capto gives you an option to effortlessly upload them to a specific folder. The URL structure can also be defined so that once a file is uploaded to a pre-defined path, you get the URL for the same.

Capto is fully localized and can be used in Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, and Simplified Chinese. Download Capto on Mac App Store Capto on SetApp