Global Delight introduces AudiOn for Android: Transforming voice recordings

Udupi, India, January 12, 2024: Global Delight, one of the leading firms in engineering audio, video and camera-related applications is all set to introduce its new release. This time it's ready to unveil AudiOn, the voice and audio recording app for Android.

AudiOn for iOS was already introduced in July 2023. Now, after garnering immense love for this product, Global Delight is ready to introduce AudiOn to Android devices. This app is a perfect fit for contentpreneurs. As there is a rising demand for good voice recording apps among content creators, YouTubers, and podcasters, this app is a one-stop solution to record crystal-clear audio with various other features.

AudiOn helps to take your recordings to a whole new level. Some of its excellent features are Mic Boost, Skip Silence, Reverb and Equalizer adjustments, Pitch and Speed Control adjustments, Timestamp marker, Split recordings, Add Music, Trim, Cut and Merge.

AudiOn is not just about recording, it's about improving recordings with effects and different features. Global Delight actively develops applications that offer incredible experiences to users. AudiOn for Android will be the main source for building interactive experiences with audiences.

Here are the details of its prominent features (AudiOn Android Updates):

Mic Boost: With Mic Boost you can increase or decrease the microphone's sensitivity up to 200%. Whether you want to add clarity or warmth to your recordings, Mic Boost is an excellent feature to capture sonic details in your recordings.

Timestamp Marker: The timestamp marker helps you to mark certain points in your recordings to revisit. This tool can be used to add references to get back to a certain part of your recordings.

Split recordings: If you find your recordings are too long, you can split the recordings with AudiOn's split feature. You can split it into 3 parts, this is useful when recording your voice for podcasts, lectures, or other tutorial videos.

Add music: With AudiOn, you can add music to your recordings. Make your recordings engaging by adding music. You can increase or decrease the level of music and perfectly blend it into your vocal recordings.

If you're looking for a simple yet powerful voice recorder app, AudiOn is your best bet. Download the app on Android Play Store and level up your recording game. AudiOn is also available for iOS on the App Store.

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Global Delight has successfully earned a name as one of the top app developers in the world. They are known to create a wide range of apps for Android, iOS, Windows, macOS and HarmonyOS. Global Delight's dedication and efforts to create exceptional apps have helped them garner a loyal customer base in the technology space.

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