AudiOn Introduces Audio Transcription feature on Android

Udupi, India - June 06, 2024: Global Delight is thrilled to announce the addition of an audio transcription feature on Android. The release of this feature on AudiOn iOS has already garnered love, and thus Global Delight has decided to unveil speech-to-text for Android users.

You can accurately transcribe audio recordings with just a tap. The new addition of audio transcription will offer a seamless experience to organize and document audio recordings.

Speech-to-text conversion will help users in different ways.

Improving efficiency

Transcribing audio recordings will improve users' efficiency. They do not have to manually convert speech to text. Users can instantly convert audio recordings into text which will save their precious time.

Re-transcribe option

Users can re-transcribe their recordings after editing, cutting, or trimming portions of the original audio clips. Now, updating transcription after making changes to the audio clips is simple with AudiOn-Record & Edit audio.

Easy search

Users can easily search for particular recordings by typing related transcribed text in the search bar. This will make it easier to search and locate specific information.

Customization option

Users can choose any one of the three levels that are: low, mid, and high. You can choose the desired speed and accuracy based on your requirements.

To avail audio transcription feature, download AudiOn-Record & Edit audio from the Google Play Store. Global Delight will continue working on further updates and enhancements to deliver best-in-class products. This leading tech firm has won various accolades for engineering excellent audio, video, and photography-related products.

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