Revolutionising Voice and Audio Recording: Introducing AudiOn - Your Ultimate Recording Companion on iOS by Global Delight

Udupi, India, August 01, 2023: Global Delight is thrilled to announce its latest app, AudiOn: A comprehensive voice and audio recording app for iOS. With the rising popularity of content creation, podcasting, and social media influence among contentpreneurs, YouTubers and social media influencers, there’s always been a need for an exceptional recording app. AudiOn’s simplicity and ease of use ensures that absolutely anyone can create great-sounding recordings, for a wide range of applications.

AudiOn polishes your voice or audio recordings to take them to a whole new level. Its prominent features such as editing, trimming, adding effects, and merging audio, will help you create recordings like never before.

Highlights of AudiOn

Experience the ultimate convenience of AudiOn, where recording your voice is as simple as tapping a button. Effortlessly capture your audio and dive into a world of intuitive editing tools, allowing you to trim, merge, and rearrange audio clips with precision, ensuring impeccable professional-quality results.

  • Audio Recording with Effects and Background Music.

    AudiOn allows users to record audio with various effects. You can add reverb, fine-tune the audio spectrum with the equalizer, experiment with speed adjustments, and alter the pitch to create captivating content.

    You can also seamlessly integrate background tracks using AudiOn. With the wide selection of suggested music within the app, as well as the ability to import your own songs, you can create the perfect ambiance and set the tone for your episodes.

  • Creating and Editing Audio Clips.

    AudiOn lets you create short audio clips and trim longer audio clips. It offers editing tools such as merging, trimming, and adjusting volume levels.

  • Episode Creation.

    You can merge different audio clips and recordings and create an episode with AudiOn. Also, you can eliminate awkward pauses with AudiOn’s ‘Skip Silence feature’. This intelligent feature detects and removes those uncomfortable moments of silence in your audio recordings, ensuring a seamless listening experience for your audience.

  • Easy Sharing.

    Record your voice and share it easily with your audience in a single tap. Along with the user-friendly interface and exciting features, easy sharing is another reason to choose AudiOn.

    "AudiOn is a quick and simple audio recorder app that is perfect for every podcaster, professional, and anyone who wants to record high-quality speech content", says Ramachandra Acharya, CTO of Global Delight. "We aim to simplify audio recording to help people provide remarkable content to their target group of audiences".

    AudiOn is available for iPhone on the App Store.

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