Boom for Android Adds Pitch Shift and Tempo Adjustment Features

Boom by Global Delight is an innovative app that is created with the goal of delighting the world the music world. This powerful music player provides you with a magical 3D surround sound, powerful bass, and an advanced equalizer with many other fascinating features on the list.

What’s New in V2.7.0?

Boom recently got a brand new version with fascinating updates like pitch shift and tempo adjustment for all the music lovers who want to redefine their music experience.

With pitch shift, users can now raise or lower the pitch of music by 5 semitones. The playback speed or tempo adjustment feature allows the users to adjust the playback speed of (locally stored) music in increments of 25%.

You can immerse yourself in your favorite music with a 3D surround sound experience and use handcrafted equalizer presets, or you can customize your own preset. Boom makes listening to your favorite tracks on Spotify, TIDAL, or your own music collection a magical experience since it offers an immersive sound experience on every headphone. You can use its 16-band or 8-Band equalizer to create your own equalizer.

Magical 3D Surround Sound

Boom is a one-of-its-kind music app that uses a patent-pending 3D audio technology in order to deliver the most realistic and immersive music experience on every headset, irrespective of its brand and type. Boom makes it possible by extracting spatial cues from your music to render them three-dimensional clarity and provide users with a highly intense listening experience.

Stream Spotify and TIDAL With Boom

Booms allows its users to stream all their music from Spotify and TIDAL with all the Boom effects so users can experience music with unbeatable quality — anytime, anywhere. But note that Boom doesn’t come with Spotify and TIDAL premium subscription plans. Users will have to buy the same on their own.

Handcrafted Equalizer Presets

This new update is going to leave all the music buffs awestruck since Boom comes equipped with 22-handcrafted equalizer presets that are ideal for all popular genres of music. Users can select the one based on their mood and taste.

And that’s not all. Boom allows you to create your own Equalizer setting using the 8-band equalizer and offers hi-res audio support, allowing you to play your hi-res audio files in 3D. Boom supports AIFF, FLAC, ALAC, WAV, and DSF formats.

20,000+ Radio and 20,000+ Podcast Stations Worldwide

Boom Android comes with access to 20,000 local and international radio stations and more than 20,000 podcast stations across 120 countries, allowing the users to tune in to their favorite station for free, as and when they want. With Boom, you can even stream or download your music directly from your Dropbox and Google Drive with all the effects.

System-Wide Audio FX (Only for Android users)

With Boom, you can apply custom-tuned EQ presets, virtualizers, and loudness effects systemwide. Not only this, you can stream Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime, Deezer, and much more with Boom effects, taking your OTT streaming experience to another level.

What sets Boom for Android apart is its sleek and easy-to-use interface. You need not worry about the beat dropping or the tempo amplifying since Boom has got you covered. Boom brings a whole new audio quality that Android users have never experienced.

About Global Delight

Global Delight Technologies revolutionized the world of apps with its audio, photo, and video apps, including Boom 3D, a system-wide volume booster and equalizer with 3D surround sound for Mac; Capto, a screen capturing and recording tool for Mac; Camera Plus and Camera Plus Pro, an editor’s choice camera app with pro-level capturing and editing features for iOS; Boom for iOS, a music player app; and Vizmato, a mobile movie editing app for iOS and Android.

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