Boom 2’s latest version offers unmatched audio control on macOS; Raises the bar on stereo output.

Udupi, 24th May 2021 - Global Delight released another splendid update for its flagship premium audio application Boom 2 for the macOS platform. The latest version (v1.7.0) comes with enhanced features specifically built to cater to audiophile expectations.

The new update of the award-winning app has been in the works for quite some time and the team added new features based on the demands of its loving user base. Boom 2 has been designed to handle everything from the basic audio settings of entertainment enthusiasts to the extreme necessities of audiophiles. With its optimal rendering of pristine audio using its signature modes and intelligent DSP (Digital Signal Processing) algorithms, Boom 2 has been the best companion app of Mac users for years. The latest version of the app has been released with a brand-new UI and features that now allow users to customize their audio to their finest needs.

More Power to the user:
Boom 2 update offers superior control over stereo audio levels with finer customization options. The updated 31-band equalizer now allows 20 dB of equalizer band gain instead of 12 dB gain of its earlier version and packs in a new set of calibrated equalizer presets for all popular genres of music. The app includes L-R balancing to adjust hearing levels of left and right channels and stereo widening for a more spacious stereo experience.

Users can set the output sample rate of audio to render the best quality audio on a specific output device. Built to assist individuals that take pleasure in personalizing acoustics to the very last decibel, the updated version of Boom 2 will be an audiophile’s next best friend. With its handcrafted equalizer presets and its ability to create custom presets with the higher gain equalizer, Boom 2 offers the absolute best audio customization for stereo sound on Mac.

“With its higher gain full 1/3 octave graphic equalizer, its ability to balance left and right channels precisely, and widen the stereo field to boost spatial feel of the audio, Boom 2’s new update is our earnest effort to offer the best tool for everyone’s hearing needs and taste. Audiophiles can now tune the stereo sound from Mac to the finest level revealing every minute detail of audio on any output device” says the CTO, Mr. Ram Acharya.

Boom 2’s high-end audio effects like Night Mode, Fidelity, Spatial, and Ambience have already earned a great reputation among Mac users. The app can also permanently boost audio/video files that are on the computer individually or in batches. Additionally, its 64-bit compatibility and the ease of control from anywhere are some of the elements that make the app truly outstanding.

Summary of the Latest Features:

  • Revamped User Interface
  • Precision Audio Control
  • 20 dB equalizer band gain
  • Stereo Widening
  • L-R Audio Balancing
  • Novel Equalizer Presets
  • Output Sample Rate Control

About Global Delight:

Global Delight Technologies has contributed significantly to audio, video and photography space with its innovative apps. Their suite of products comprises; Boom 3D, a system-wide volume booster and equalizer with 3D surround sound for Mac and Windows PC; Boom for iOS and Android, a music player app; Capto, a Screen Capture and Recording tool for Mac; Camera Plus and Camera Plus Pro, an Editor's Choice camera app with pro-like capturing and editing features for iOS; and Vizmato, a one-touch mobile movie creating and editing app for iOS and Android.

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