Can a 6-year-old kid have fun editing videos and create super entertaining ones?

San Francisco, January 26, 2012: Global Delight brings videos to the mobile party with their new iPhone video app - Game your Video - at the Macworld-iWorld 2012. Everyone loves games and finds them engaging. Now, with Game your Video you can control your video like a live game! The iPhone is the newest gaming console. Game your Video on the iPhone brings the same gaming feel into video editing, thereby making it quick, fun and addictive! Game your Video gives you the power to add stunning motion effects, fun audio effects, music and dazzling visual effects to make your videos fun and engaging. So you move beyond creating just professionally styled videos with only transitions, fade-ins and cuts to creating entertaining videos by adding drama, comedy, suspense, adrenaline rush, horror, wonder and awe!

Now, you no longer edit videos, you game them!

Picture this, in a game you react to the actions on the screen. On seeing an obstacle, you hit the console button to jump; on spotting a target, you hit a button to shoot. Now imagine replacing the game screen with your running video and the console buttons with actions like slow motion, chipmunk voice or reverse. Now while you are playing a video of your victory shot in a football game, you can hit the slow motion button and watch the action change to slow motion! Or you had a bad day at work, with your boss yelling at you and someone just recorded it; hit the Chipmunk button and turn the tragedy into comedy. All it requires is a tap and everything changes live as the video is playing!

Once you have created a greatly entertaining video, you should be able to show off your creation and earn the "I did this" bragging right to it. Thus, Game your Video has built its own community, setting up the right platform for all budding videographers.

In the current scene, editing solutions have not yet solved the video problem. Most of them are feared for stealing weekends and needing rocket science to master. Algorithm-based solutions miss out on human creativity by creating professionally styled videos and hence don’t increase the fun, drama, action and emotion of your video.

With the combination of motion actions, visual and fun audio effects, Game your Video creates endless possibilities for making videos. They are quick to create, fun to make and contain a high entertainment value.

"The rise of social networks and mobile devices has resulted in the cellphone guy becoming the largest creator of content! But people are not having as much fun with videos as they are having with photos. Video indulgence will catch fire only when people find a fun way of creating entertaining videos. Game your Video wants to bring a behavioral change where the user stops editing videos and starts gaming them"-says Mr. Rahul Shetty, Product Manager of Global Delight.


iPhone 4, 4S and iPod touch with camera, with iOS 5 or newer.

Pricing and Availability:

Game your Video priced at $1.99 is available for download from the iTunes App Store.

About Global Delight:

Global Delight is the perfect blend of Mac and iPhone aficionados, tech geeks and right-brained technologists and we aspire to create something exceptionally extraordinary! We want to build an appetite for all those people who have spent their money’s worth on buying a Macintosh or an iPod/iPhone!

Some of our most popular apps apart from Game your Video include Voila Screen Capture Tool and Boom Volume Booster for Mac; photography apps used by more than millions of people - Camera Plus Pro and Camera Plus for iPhone/iPod touch; and the gorgeous selective colorizing app Photo Delight for the iPad.

Press Contact:

Guruprasad Kamath

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