Photo Delight for iPad – Don’t worry about crossing lines

UDUPI, India, December 18, 2010 - Global Delight, developers and publishers of the popular Camera Plus and Camera Plus Pro apps on the App Store℠, today released Photo Delight, a fun  and feature-enriched color splash application for the iPad.

Introducting “Smart Touch”, a new feature of PhotoDelight which will change the way people bring out the colors of their photos. Gone are the days where the user had to move his finger like a ballet dancer with surgical precision to color splash his photos. Smart touch detects the color you want to reveal and makes sure that the touch reveals only that color.

For example, the user now need not worry about being precise about coloring Santa’s costume. Once you touch the Red and move around, smart touch will ensure that only the Red is revealed. The user can colorize Santa in no time!

So this holiday season, actually have fun splashing your photos

Photo Delight has a beautifully designed canvas to place your color photographs on and get going. Add colour to any part of the automatically converted black-and-white photograph with simple swipes of your finger and see the effect. Photo Delight also comes with a smart integration with Facebook, allowing you to import pictures from your own or your friend’s account.

The pinching and flicking gestures allow you to pan and zoom-in images with remarkable ease, and other tools like unlimited undo and multiple sessions make working on your photos a breeze. Also with version 1.1, you now have Redo to take care of all those second thougths.

Once you are done fashioning out your masterpiece, you have a number of options at your hand. You want to hang it around your house, then print it directly from within the application using Apple’s AirPrint. Or share it with the world using Facebook®, Flickr® or Twitter™, or simply e-mail it.

“Most of us do not have the dexterity of an artists hand which the existing colorize apps demand. With Smart touch, you don’t have to worry about “crossing the lines”. It make the whole process fast and fun.” said Mr. Rahul Shetty, the Product Manager of Global Delight.

Highlights of Version 1.1:

  • Smart touch
  • Redo
  • Optimized speed of coloring
  • User Interface is now a piece of art.


Compatible with iPads running iOS 3.2 or newer. Print feature will be enabled on iPads running iOS 4.2.

Pricing and Availability:

Photo Delight is priced at $1.99 and is available for download on the App Store.

Click here to know more about Photo Delight.

Media: Redeem Code is available on request.

About Global Delight:

Global Delight is the perfect blend of Mac, iPhone, iPad aficionados, tech geeks and right-brained technologists who aspire to create something exceptional and extraordinary. At Global Delight, we understand our users and their collective desire to savour the experience of using our software for various tasks. The idea is to rethink solutions to complicated problems and come up with simple, elegant and engaging products that are just as delightfully well-designed as they are easy to use.

Press Contact:

Guruprasad Kamath
Phone: +91-820-253-5458
Fax: +91 820 2583458

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