Global Delight releases Camera Plus Pro, a feature-rich camera app for the iPhone

The app aims at extending the functionality of the iPhone’s built-in camera by providing the users with a multitude of Capturing, Editing, Sharing and Managing options.

NEW UDUPI, India, December 18th, 2009 - Global Delight, developers and publishers of the popular free camera app on the App Store - Camera Plus - today released a Pro version of the app, Camera Plus Pro, for the iPhone.

Camera Plus Pro aims at making the iPhone the default camera for any occasion with its Capturing, Editing, Sharing and Managing options. With features such as Point Zoom, Timed Capture, Burst Mode, Filters, Anti-Shake, Flash, Crop and more, Camera Plus Pro provides the user with a lot of flexibility for capturing pictures and editing them.

“We set the bar pretty high when we released Camera Plus in October. With Camera Plus hitting close to 2 million downloads within a short span of time, we were inundated with fan mails and feature requests that got us working on a Pro version”, said Mr. Rohith Bhat, CEO of Global Delight. “Now with this new release of Camera Plus Pro, we have once again set the bar pretty high”, he added.

With the Point Zoom feature, users can zoom to a particular point on their screen with precision. Camera Plus Pro’s Timed Capture function enables the users to set a countdown timer for up to 10 seconds, enabling them to be a part of the pictures as well. Burst mode function captures multiple photos continuously with a choice of 3 to 8 shots at a time, with only a second’s difference between each shot.

Camera Plus Pro also provides a choice of 7 Filters; thus users can add that special touch to their captures. One can also get rid of blurry pictures with the Anti-Shake feature. Users can apply up to 3 varying degrees of Flash, which can also be selectively undone. Square and Circular Crop features enable the user to retain a portion of the capture that they want.


Requires iPhone OS 3.1 or later. Works only with iPhones.

Pricing and Availability:

Camera Plus Pro is priced at $1.99 and is available for download on the App Store.

About Global Delight:

Global Delight is a perfect blend of Mac and iPhone aficionados, tech geeks and right-brained technologists that aspire to create something exceptionally extraordinary. At Global Delight, we understand our users and their desire to savor the experience of using their Macs and iPhone for various Web 2.0 and media-related software. The idea is to rethink solutions to complicated problems and imagine simple, elegant, engaging products that are delightful to the eye and easy to use.

Press Contact:

Guruprasad Kamath
Phone: +91-820-253-5458
Fax: +91 820 2583458

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