Global Delight Exhibiting at Macworld Expo '09

Global Delight plans to unveil new products, offer expo special discounts and live demo of its products.

NEW UDUPI, India, December 02, 2008 – Global Delight will be exhibiting at the Macworld Expo, 6-9 Jan ’09, San Francisco, California. Global Delight plans to make use of this great Mac event of the year and would be releasing new products during the Expo. The show attendees can try hands on with both new and existing products as well purchase the products with special show offers at North Hall – booth # 4330 and South Hall – booth #1438 at the Mac Developer Pavilion.

Global Delight plans to release a unique product - Voila during the Expo. Voila is an image capturing, annotating and sharing tool wrapped up into a neat package. It is built to go with the flow- capture, elucidate and share things on Mac users screen without breaking stride. Voila would also be available in the Beta format in the second week of December ’08.

Along with Voila, Global Delight would be exhibiting its debut product Web2 Delight released earlier this year. Web2 Delight allows users to locate, download and transfer users favorite videos and photos from popular video and photo sharing sites onto the iPods and iPhones. The latest version of Web2 Delight has more user-friendly features.

Global Delight is pleased to offer free Expo passes and invite the Mac fans to come and explore the whole new world of Mac products. As there are limited free passes, users can register and avail 15% discount on select Macworld Conference. Mac users can also avail Expo special discounts, combo-offers on each of the products at the Expo.

About Global Delight:

Global Delight is a perfect blend of Mac and iPhone aficionados, tech geeks and right-brained technologists that aspire to create something exceptionally extraordinary. At Global Delight, we understand our users and their desire to savor the experience of using their Macs and iPhone for various Web 2.0 and media-related software. The idea is to rethink solutions to complicated problems and imagine simple, elegant, engaging products that are delightful to the eye and easy to use.

Press Contact:

Guruprasad Kamath
Phone: +91-820-253-5458
Fax: +91 820 2583458

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