The products we create are crafted with love and a sincere attempt at disrupting the app landscape. Join us on our journey to the forefront of everything audio, photo and video.

Meet our team

Rohith Bhat
Rohith Bhat, CEO

'Dream big, achieve big' is Rohith Bhat's mantra. He founded Global Delight and is responsible for where it is today. Fond of movies, emerging technologies and gadgets, Rohith also loves traveling and exploring new places.

M. Ramachandra Acharya
M. Ramachandra Acharya, CTO

An ex-professor, patent holder in browser technologies, violin maestro, and a coder at heart - Ram Acharya is all this and more. As the Chief Technological Officer, he provides immense technical direction and guidance.

Jason Foodman
Jason Foodman, President

Mr. Foodman was behind many notable software companies including Trexar, RegSoft, SwiftCD, Rebate Delivery and FastSpring. Fortune, Entrepreneur and Software Business have all featured Mr. Foodman, who also enjoys traveling, boating and weightlifting.

Srinivasa Prabhu
Srinivasa Prabhu, Principal Architect

Forever passionate about logic and software, Mr. Prabhu is a detail-oriented programmer with high standards. An integral part of the team behind every magical product, he is also an avid foodie and traveller.

Guruprasad Kamath H
Guruprasad Kamath H, Director of Marketing

Affectionately referred to as 'Guru', Mr. Kamath orchestrates and executes all of Global Delight's marketing strategies. Apart from being a big fan of numbers and tech, he loves movies and travelling.

  • Adarsh

    Director - Technology
  • Adarsh Kamath K

    Web Developer
  • Akash Jha

    Graphics Designer
  • Aneesh Achar

    Test Lead
  • Ankita Kumari Jalutharia

    Graphic Designer
  • Ashika Appaiah Wulwara

    Trainee Creative Content Writer
  • Ashwin Bhat

    Test Manager
  • Chethana Bhat CH

    Trainee Software Engineer
  • Darshan

    Trainee Software Engineer
  • Deepa Pai

    Software Architect
  • Dinesh Naik

    Lead Graphics Designer
  • Dinesha

    Software Engineer
  • Divya Nayak

    Software Engineer
  • Govind Krishna Sharma

    Graphics Designer
  • Jayaprakash G

    Senior Graphic Designer
  • Jishnu Gopi

    Trainee Software Engineer
  • Jithin Jose

    Creative Designer
  • Joseph Bibin T A

    Marketing Manager
  • Karthik Nayak

    Customer Support Executive
  • Kiran Kumar U

    Graphic Designer
  • Kishan P Rao

    Trainee Software Engineer
  • Laxmi

    Trainee Data Analyst
  • Madhusudan N V

    Graphics Assistant
  • Megha B

    Trainee Software Engineer
  • Mukesh Kumar

    Trainee Software Engineer
  • Nabha Kamath

    Trainee Software Engineer
  • Pradeep R

    Test Engineer
  • Prajna G Hegde

    Software Engineer
  • Prapti Mishra

    Business Development Manager
  • Prasad A Durgakeri

    Customer Support Executive
  • Prashant Sadhu Bangera

    Test Engineer
  • Preethi Rao PN

    Software Engineer
  • Ranjitha Prabhu

    Senior Software Engineer
  • Rahul Kumar Agrawal

    Technical Leader
  • Raviraj Mangalpady

    Test Engineer
  • Rohith J Nayak

    Software Engineer
  • Sajith P

    Software Engineer
  • Saloni Sinha

    Graphic Designer
  • Sandhya

    Senior Software Architect
  • Sharmada B

    Software Engineer
  • Shiva Kumar Dunaboina

    Senior Marketing Executive
  • Shreyas

    Customer Support Specialist
  • Suma Shrinath Nayak

    Sales Associate
  • Varun K H

    Senior Web Developer
  • Venkata

    Software Engineer
  • Vipin Kumar Mishra

    Sales Associate
  • Vishwas Sadhwani P

    Trainee Creative Designer
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