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Global Delight has the depth & scale of experience to build outstanding digital products with leading edge
solutions for your audio, photo and video needs.

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Boom Terchnology

Boom Engine Enriching Streaming Music

Boom Terchnology

Your Application integrated with Boom Engine

Boom Terchnology - Pre-loaded Boom engine

Pre-loaded Boom Engine in Hardware Devices

White-labeling of Boom engine

White Labeling Solutions with Boom Engine

Video Technology

SDK Integration
Re-Branding White Label
Bundling Solutions
Integrate our SDK into your product/service for ready-to-use video solutions
We shall work with you to create a custom, skinned version of vizmato which you may use to promote your own events, products and assets
Bundling - including our product embedded or bundled into your products/services Vizmato can also be embedded or bundled into existing products /services, complete with a revenue share for subsequent IAP and subscriptions
We can integrate custom Themes, custom effects, custom music and native ads to promote your brand, products, services and assets.
Vizmato has numerous locations within the app where we can 'drop in' custom Themes, Music & effects to support a time-based promotion for any marketing campaign or any other objective
Boom Terchnology Boom Terchnology Boom Terchnology Boom Terchnology

Screen Capture Technology

Customised Screen Capture
Customised Screen Recording & Edit
Easy to use recording and editing suite allows users to record their mac screen with simple key commands. Start, pause, stop, record computer or outside audio or both, or record through the camera, this tech employs the most versatile screen record options available.
Post-record edit your Screen Record or Screen capture with the latest image and video editing technology
Boom Terchnology Boom Terchnology

Camera Technology

AirSnap Feature
Live Filters
One Touch Image Editing Solutions
Secure Access Control
AirSnap lets you hook two iOS devices, where one becomes the camera and the other is a trigger for you to remote control
Choose from visual and lighting filters and apply them while capturing to get full effect of our photography.
Intuitive, easy-to-use image editing suite allows you to edit images instantly.
Set privacy control to your photo albums.
Boom Terchnology Boom Terchnology Boom Terchnology Boom Terchnology
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Boom Engine

Boom For Mac
Boom For iOS
The Best Volume Booster & Equaliser For Mac
Crafted exclusively for OS X Yosemite & later
System-Wide Audio Boost
Preset & Advanced Mac Equalizers
Enhanced Mac Sound with Audio Effects
Boom 2 comes with a system-wide volume booster and equalizer so that every audio, video, music & movie on OS X sounds just the way it was meant to!
Boom 2 comes with everything you need for incredible Max audio.
Boom 2 acts as a volume booster for Mac that takes audio levels up a couple of notches. This works system-wide, so that your entire OS X machine produces excellent volume all the time!
Boom 2 comes with Presets, 10-band and advanced equalizers for tricked out audio, Whether it is a favourite song or a movie with drowned out dialogues, you’re covered!
In addition to being a volume booster and equalizer app for Mac, Boom 2 also has cool effects for an immersive audio experience. Enable ‘Fidelity’, ‘Spatial’, etc. and get transported to a different world!
*In-App Purchase
Equalizers mac System mock-up system-wide volume booste Preset and Mac Equalizers Audio FX
Magical 3D Surround Sound
16-Band Equalizers
Audio Intensity Slider
Enhances All Headphones
Boom comes with a unique 3D Sound feature that offers a virtual Surround experience. It uses a patent-pending algorithm and you get to enjoy this feature on ANY pair of headphones!
Choose from 21 handcrafted EQ presets like Dubstep, Pop, Bass Booster etc. To make things easier, you can also let Boom intelligently apply an Equalizer to any song
Boom has a slider that allows you to control exactly how you want your song to sound. Move it left or right and listen to all the subtle notes come alive in your favorite tracks!
Boom is built to work on all kinds of headphones. Be it in-ear or over-ear, the app will make sure your favorite tracks sound amazing so that you are Happily Boomin!
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