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A Big BOOO To You

Connect your headphones to
get into the spirits of Halloween

All that you were hearing was wrong!
From this Halloween, hear only the right, hear only the best,
hear with Boom 3D!

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Get 40% off on Boom 3D, and make your
Halloween more spook-tacular!

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In the magical night when spooky pumpkins glow with candlelight, watch your favorite Halloween movie with Boom 3D to get the true bone-chilling experience or make the skeletons dance to any unearthly Halloween tune, whatever you do, Boom 3D is sure to cast a spell on you this Halloween.
Hear all the boils and bubbles and experience all the chills and thrills with the magical 3D surround sound.
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To make your Halloween eerily delightful, we, the witches and wizards at Boom, have come up with a simple contest with all treats and no tricks for you! You’ve to just share your “Boomtastic” experience through few questions and you can win $200 worth gift coupons. Isn’t it fang-tastic?
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For contest details, terms and conditions.
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