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The Best Audio Enhancement App with Incredible 3D Surround Sound
that makes Any Kind of Headphones Sound Amazing!

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For Mac OS X v10.11 & later

3D Surround Sound
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3D Surround Sound

The most significant feature of Boom 3D is the patent-pending 3D Surround Sound technology, which offers an immersive virtual surround sound experience that is realistic, captivating and works on any headset!

32-Band Equalizer and Presets With Amazing Audio Effects

Equalizer And Presets IconEqualizer And Presets

The dotingly crafted Equalizer Presets are calibrated for an enhanced audio output on your Mac.

Equalizer Equalizer List

Audio Effects IconAudio Effects

System-wide Audio Boost and Built-in Audio Player

Boom Volume Boost IconBoom Volume & Controlled Boost

The Boom Volume Controller and the Controlled Boost feature offer the users a complete control over the system audio output.

Built in Player IconBuilt-in Audio Player

The built-in Audio Player instantly adds 3D surround sound to any song—just drag and drop to experience the transformation.

Macbook with Boom 3D

App Volume Control and Customized Audio Device Settings

Apps Volume Controller IconApps Volume Controller

The App Volume Controller presents the audio levels of individual applications in a single location, making it easy to adjust particular application volumes.

Apps Volume Controller

Select Audio Output IconSelect Your Audio Output Device

Select the type of Audio Output Device so that Boom 3D can appropriately offer an output that sounds best!

Audio Device

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