Boom, The Most Popular Audio App for Mac, Is Now Four!

January 28th, 2015

Boom is four years old


Ah, what an eventful four years it has been for Boom! From the highs of winning Macworld’s Best of Show to still capturing the hearts of people with Boom 2 in 2015, wow we’re breathless at this point!

Boom has always stood for audio that surrounds your senses with notes that elevate your listening experience. Whether it’s that flimsy audio file that was inaudible from a meter apart, or the Spotify track that never impressed, you’ve always been covered. At this juncture, we’d like to thank each and every one of you for the umpteen hours of entertainment that you couldn’t otherwise live without! Boom will continue to try and push the boundaries of Mac audio. Ba Dum Tss!

So once again, Happy Birthday, Boom! Moving forward, we’ve got tons of things coming your way and we want each and every one of you to be a part of that. ‘Come Rain or Shine’, we’ve always valued the Boom community and the undying dedication that has always pushed us towards achieving the (next) to impossible and we aren’t ‘going to let anything stop it. To put that into perspective, Boom will unleash its grandeur plans of world domination (sic), going ahead.

When Boom 1.x was released, it took next to no time to sweep all critics who wanted a piece of the action. Whether it was its volume boosting capabilities or the novelty factor that was associated with it, it was on a mega roll! Everyone was reassured by the fact that TechCrunch, Macworld and the like were unequivocal in their praise for the number one app that enhanced the audio of millions of Mac users worldwide. Not to be outdone with the success, we’ve refined and transformed the app’s functionality over the years and it doesn’t stop there.

Boom is poised for great things from here on (pardon our lofty expectations!). Boom 2, released last month, has already set the benchmark for audio from Macs and it only goes upwards from here, We aren’t going to go into the details about its past, future or present, but you can be assured that Boom 2 is going to come out with some real top of the shelf features. Sit back, relax and buckle up so that the good times roll as Boom has already undertaken its journey towards audio greatness (please don’t lampoon us with respect to this L).

Boom 2 has already been let onto the wild and the response has been amazing. A massive Thank You to all users who’ve used and applauded it (this is the last time we self-appraise the app J). A number of goodies are coming your way in 2015 and we hope you enjoy its goodies.

If you haven’t got a taste of Boom 2 yet, try it out for free now! We’re not kidding, it will change the way you listen to audio from your Mac. Also, we’re soon coming out with a video that features excerpts of what our users have to say about Boom on its birthday! If you want to be a part of it, simply send us a recorded video of your message to and we’ll include it. You can reach out to us on Facebook and Twitter should you need to contact us. Happy Boomin’ and Sayonara!


~ Siddharth 


Game Your Video turns 3!

January 21st, 2015


Game Your Video turns 3


Game Your Video turns 3 and what an eventful 3! We have grown better each day with your love and support.  Game Your Video was created with a simple and clear vision to empower users with quick, easy & striking video-editing tools; and when we look back to the videos that you all have created… boy, “Amazing” is the word! So folks, to celebrate our “3 years of AWESOMENESS” with you we’re giving HUGE discounts (up to 50% OFF) on selective* in-apps for a limited period. What are you waiting for?

Visit the store at once & take all that you can to make your Game Your Video experience an amazing one. Once again, a heartfelt thank you for all the love you have showered on us & for being our strength over the years. You have defined our existence and with this special offer, it’s time we celebrate YOU!


~ Team GYV


Enabling System-Wide Volume Booster & Other Functionalities On The Mac App Store Version Of Boom 2

January 9th, 2015

Boom 2 Mac App Store


After successfully releasing Boom 2 on the Mac App Store, we just want to make sure that we detail how you can get the most out of your copy. As you probably know, Boom 2 can be purchased from both, the Global Delight store and the Mac App Store. The only real difference is that the Mac App Store version comes with Intelligent File Boosting by default. In order to enable full functionality, including the brilliant system-wide volume booster and equalizer, cool audio effects and everything else that makes Boom 2 really awesome, you just need to perform an extra step. This millisecond long procedure is illustrated as below.


  • Hit the first button on Boom 2′s side panel as shown in the graphic below


Boom 2 Mac App Store

  • Click on ‘Know More’. This will now take you to a special page.


Boom 2 Mac App Store


  • In the page that opens up, click on ‘Download’. This will download an extra component that enables every functionality on Boom 2. Install this component and you can now enjoy high quality audio like never before!


Boom 2 Mac App Store


If you haven’t tried out Boom 2 yet, check out the free trial. For any other queries, please get in touch with us on Facebook, Twitter, G+ or email ( We hope you enjoy Boom 2 to the fullest. Have a nice day!


~ Siddharth



Boom 2 Is Now On The Mac App Store!

January 7th, 2015



Right out of the blocks in 2015, we’re happy to announce that Boom 2 is now available on the Mac App Store. Following its release on our store last month, this edition is sure to continue delighting customers who love to get their apps  from the Mac App Store. We hope you enjoy it and we’re thankful for the overwhelming response to Boom 2 from all you passionate Mac users out there.

This Mac App Store version is a new app that is designed especially for Yosemite (OS X 10.10) and is listed separately from the existing Boom 1.x. Those who own Boom 1.x cannot upgrade directly to the new version from within the MAS as it is a paid app and starting today, you may purchase Boom 2 to experience Mac audio like never before. As you probably know, we started offering a special 50% discount off Boom 2 to Boom 1.x users (both App Store and website version) at launch as we love you people. But this will not be possible in the Mac App Store as there isn’t any mechanism out there that supports this. However, if interested, we’re still offering the discount to those Mac App Store Boom 1.x users who wish to purchase Boom 2 off our store (this cannot be clubbed in anyway with the Mac App Store). Simply send us your purchase receipt of Boom 1.x to and we’ll contact you back in approx. 3 business days with your discount.

To those who want to get a clearer picture with respect to what Boom 2 brings to the table, we encourage you to visit our site as we’ve detailed all the goodness that it comes with. Boom 1.x will continue to be sold on the Mac App Store and users running OS X 10.8 and 10.9 can download it. And if you’re running OS X Yosemite and fancy a simple system-wide volume booster and equalizer app, you can safely be in the knowledge that it supports even the latest OS X. To help all of you make a more informed choice, we even have a comparison table of the features of both, Boom 1.x and Boom 2, on the site.

We’ve also enabled all of Apple’s discount programs including App Store Family Sharing and Volume Purchase Program (VPP) for Business & Education. You can read more about what they mean here, here and here.

We hope all of you download and enjoy what we’ve crafted as we’re really psyched about this release. Head to the Mac App Store now and see how Boom 2 can change the way you listen to your Mac. You can also take it for a spin by downloading the free trial from our website. Later this month, Boom will be celebrating its 4th anniversary; so watch out for the festivities! Should you need to get in touch with us, you can always hit us up on Facebook, Twitter, G+ and Linkedin. You can also mail us at


Happy Boomin’!



~ Siddharth



Thanks For A Kick-Ass Year, 2014! And Hello 2015!!

December 27th, 2014



Happy Holidays!

We at the Global Delight family would like to wish everyone Happy Holidays, especially you!

What an eventful year it has been! With technical breakthroughs aplenty and a see saw of a ride in the app world, 2014 has been crazy indeed. As Confucius once said, “Study the past if you would define the future….”. As we edge towards another year littered with much greater prospects, it always pays to understand what lies ahead by going back and acknowledge what happened.


Ah, Camera Plus. You always seem to push all the right buttons and relate to what everyone wants!


This was the year of ‘AirSnap’ and iOS 8 specials that took Camera Plus up onto a whole new level with it being featured by Apple at launch. AirSnap is a beautiful and intuitive way to remotely connect two iOS devices running Camera Plus and use them to click photos and videos instantly. At launch, it surprised everyone with its ease of use and resourcefulness. Within seconds, you could be hooking up your devices and capturing group shots with you actually in it!


We’re thrilled that this Camera Plus update with AirSnap was well received and during the course of the year, it went onto to add more features to make it a robust wireless capture solution. With iOS 8, it added cool new stuff like support for Extensions and a fullscreen viewfinder for AirSnap. Last but not least, Camera Plus also was updated to go Universal with support for the iPad and now looks gorgeous!


Boom Boooom Booooooom!


Boom is one app that everyone just can’t seem to get enough of! This year, the most popular audio app for Mac just wrote a new chapter in its burgeoning story towards greatness. Boom 2, designed specially for Yosemite from the ground up, was released to forever be your acoustic companion (doesn’t qualify as being *needy* or *clingy* :-) ) We reworked the app to be much more than just a simple volume booster & equalizer. Boom 2 saw cool new features like a smart new look, personalized & custom audio settings, amazing audio effects, advanced and precise equalizer controls added to its arsenal, this app couldn’t be more ready for takeoff!

Upon release, it virtually flew off the shelves. The folks over at ‘The Next Web’, ‘Lifehacker’, ‘iMore’ and other sites around the world had nothing but glowing reviews and we’re thankful to each and every user for their continued patronage. You should definitely experience it and see what they fuss is all about!


Stryk em’ all!


Moving forward, we also released a new app called ‘Stryke’, an app that lets you create split-second videos from everyday life and turn them into hilarious stories with just a tap. After an initial soft launch in select countries and building upon its premise, it hit App Stores worldwide and was praised for its innovation and its take on keeping everyone entertained. You should definitely check it out if you haven’t already. It’s super fun to use amongst friends!

Out other apps such as ‘Camera Plus Pro’, ‘Game Your Video’ and ‘Voila’ had a solid year too, with each attracting and enthralling users worldwide. Camera Plus Pro was updated to v5.0 and this brought about a beautiful new interface to match the grunt under its hood, amongst other new features. Game Your Video is still the preferred choice of those who love creating videos on their iPhone! Buckle up though, because the app is poised for much more in the coming months. You’re going to be pleasantly surprised ;-) ) And finally, Voila continued to be an indispensible tool and aid educators, students, creative professionals and countless others in their everyday screen capture tasks. The app introduced features such as 60 FPS HD recording and a nifty automatic record timer amongst others to add to its quality and credence as the ultimate screen capture solution.


Before we leave you, we’d like to once again thank you for all the support and smiles that have come our way throughout the year. We’re riding into 2015 with our heads held high and an even bigger desire to come up with ways to ‘delight’ you further! A very Merry Christmas and a super Happy New Year to all and may the good times continue to roll. Ciao!


~ Siddharth