MacUser: End Of An Era In Apple Magazines

March 5th, 2015

MacUser is now no more

Another one bites the dust


MacUser, one of the earliest Apple-focussed magazines, put out its last ever issue in February 2015 in what seems to be an increasingly growing trend of print publications shutting shop. Even the mighty-popular Macworld announced that it would be closing down its magazine division last year, a day after Apple held its iPhone 6 event. The two alone have over 60 years of Apple-related reporting experience between them. The Internet is here to stay and a lot of things as we know them are about to change forever.

First published in 1985 in the UK, MacUser was the first to use the famous “mouse” ratings system, which was later adopted by Macworld in the U.S. The magazine was highly rated by its readers for its design, which was always considered to be way ahead of its time. Also, poignantly or not, the last ever issue contained a review of Boom 2 and we couldn’t be any prouder of being a part of the grand finale. We went out of our way to secure the final copy of MacUser (see the picture above), but tried hard and failed to get the last issue of Macworld. Such is the fickle nature of the print industry :-(

The sad truth is that there is a shift in fundamentals across everything that exists; the common unifying theme here being the Internet. We’ve got TV’s slowly giving way to online subscriptions, photos being re-lived and shared through the Internet and not photo albums, good ol’ books giving way to their online cousins and even people finding their significant others on the Interwebs.

All this can be attributed to the dynamics of the changing habits of people, with everyone looking online for their daily fix of information. You’ve got blogs and other official channels of media houses online that offer everything for free (supported by ads of course!) The very fact that all of these are merely a tap away is something that has everyone hooked. Whereas print magazines required subscriptions, the online world offers everything and more, with newsletters even delivering your daily digest straight to your mailbox. This sort of convenience cannot be overlooked in the context of today’s fast-paced world.


Sad Mac from MacUser


Now instead of getting teary-eyed and nostalgic about how things were in the good old days, we can instead focus on the future and be full of hope. Yes, the next 10-20 years may see the demise of paper completely and the print industry will be just another whisper. Yes, magazines like MacUser and Macworld will only be cherished memories like a million other entities. But let us not forget that the birth of the printing press and the subsequent propagation of information was responsible of some of the biggest leaps in mankind. We’re here today because of the wonderful past and long shall it continue to lay the foundation for the future. RIP MacUser and Macworld Magazine

“Study the past if you would define the future.”

― Confucius



~ Siddharth



Boom 2 v1.1: New Equalizer Presets And App Refinements!

February 25th, 2015

Boom 1.1 is now out!

In keeping with our policy of regularly updating Boom 2, we’ve come out with version 1.1 that further streamlines the whole experience. The new release brings forth several additions and improvements like two new equalizer presets, a fix for the random audio muting issue when Boom 2 isn’t in use, audio improvements in the equalizer department and other changes that should keep you Boomin’ all day long!

Starting things off, we’ve introduced new equalizer presets for you guys to enjoy. Presenting ‘House’ and ‘60’s’, two presets that will get you tapping your feet in no time. Hit these to get your music sounding groovier than ever and you’ll forget about using external speakers ;-) .

Another important aspect of this release is that we’ve now squashed that annoying bug where your Mac’s audio kept getting muted even when Boom 2 wasn’t running. We had addressed this in a separate post not a couple of weeks ago wherein we said that this wasn’t due to the app itself. This is something that OS X Yosemite brought to the table and there was nothing we could do about it at that point in time. In this update however, we’ve added an option under the settings tab that takes care of this problem. You can now enjoy plugging in and out your external audio devices without that annoying audio black out!

Moving forward, we’ve also improved certain finer aspects with respect to ‘Fidelity’ and a few other equalizer presets. Even those who’ve been facing problems using Boom 2 via their HDMI connections should see a marked improvement. Rounding off this update, we’ve made minor changes to the UI and resolved several other bugs.


What’s new in Boom 2 v1.1:

-  Two new Presets – House and 60s’

-  ‘Audio mute’ issues when Boom 2 isn’t in use has been fixed

- Dynamic equalization for ‘Fidelity’

- Equalizer Bass reduction for MacBook systems with regards to internal speakers

- HDMI improvements.


We’ve made sure that version 1.1 of Boom 2 eliminates several issues that you’ve been having. We shall continue to test the app for quality and rest assured, you will always receive only the best from us. If you haven’t experienced the magic of Boom 2 yet, do check out the free and no-commitment trial. If you’d like to get in touch with us, you can visit our Twitter or Facebook page or simply email us at Good day!


~ Siddharth




Boom Isn’t The Reason Your Mac’s Audio Is Mute!

February 4th, 2015



We’ve received a lot of feedback from users of Boom 2 regarding the automatic switching of audio devices under sound output. The concern being brought up is that on connecting another device to listen to audio, there are frequent occasions where the audio blacks out and nothing can be heard. At this point, we thought we’d take the time out and explain what’s actually going on behind the scenes.

The issue here is that Yosemite has changed the way sound output logic is fundamentally dealt with. Previous iterations of Mac OS X worked well in this regard. In the latest operating system however, when an external speaker, device or headphone is connected, the output automatically switches to some other device. In some cases, the output that gets selected is incorrect. This is especially prevalent when there are multiple sound output options installed.

On installing Boom or Boom 2, a new sound output option called ‘Boom Device/Boom 2 Device’ is added and it is through this that you get enhanced and boosted sound. There is no problem when listening to audio when Boom/Boom 2 is running. But when an external device is plugged in or removed when Boom/Boom 2 isn’t running, the OS doesn’t necessarily revert back to the internal speakers and instead. In an ideal situation, it would immediately switch back to the correct device and normal audio service would resume.

This is a small example of audio output selection in Yosemite (With Boom/Boom 2 OFF):


Step 1

This is how it looks when playing audio through the default Mac speakers


Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 6.58.22 pm

On plugging in headphones, the selection jumps to Boom2Device instead of staying put.


A lot of users have incorrectly identified Boom 2 as the issue and so we wanted to point out to the actual issue at hand. We’ve raised a ticket to Apple as this has put a lot of users like you at an inconvenience. We wish there was something we could do to resolve this from our end. Hopefully, this will be taken care off in the near future!

If you’d like to talk to us, we’re available on Facebook and Twitter. For more details on Boom 2, do visit our site. Have a good day!

* Update 1 *

With the release of the latest Yosemite 10.10.2, we’re actively looking into the issues caused with respect to the audio switching. We’re working with this release on a high priority and will update you as and when we come out with a breakthrough.

 ~ Siddharth



Boom, The Most Popular Audio App for Mac, Is Now Four!

January 28th, 2015

Boom is four years old


Ah, what an eventful four years it has been for Boom! From the highs of winning Macworld’s Best of Show to still capturing the hearts of people with Boom 2 in 2015, wow we’re breathless at this point!

Boom has always stood for audio that surrounds your senses with notes that elevate your listening experience. Whether it’s that flimsy audio file that was inaudible from a meter apart, or the Spotify track that never impressed, you’ve always been covered. At this juncture, we’d like to thank each and every one of you for the umpteen hours of entertainment that you couldn’t otherwise live without! Boom will continue to try and push the boundaries of Mac audio. Ba Dum Tss!

So once again, Happy Birthday, Boom! Moving forward, we’ve got tons of things coming your way and we want each and every one of you to be a part of that. ‘Come Rain or Shine’, we’ve always valued the Boom community and the undying dedication that has always pushed us towards achieving the (next) to impossible and we aren’t ‘going to let anything stop it. To put that into perspective, Boom will unleash its grandeur plans of world domination (sic), going ahead.

When Boom 1.x was released, it took next to no time to sweep all critics who wanted a piece of the action. Whether it was its volume boosting capabilities or the novelty factor that was associated with it, it was on a mega roll! Everyone was reassured by the fact that TechCrunch, Macworld and the like were unequivocal in their praise for the number one app that enhanced the audio of millions of Mac users worldwide. Not to be outdone with the success, we’ve refined and transformed the app’s functionality over the years and it doesn’t stop there.

Boom is poised for great things from here on (pardon our lofty expectations!). Boom 2, released last month, has already set the benchmark for audio from Macs and it only goes upwards from here, We aren’t going to go into the details about its past, future or present, but you can be assured that Boom 2 is going to come out with some real top of the shelf features. Sit back, relax and buckle up so that the good times roll as Boom has already undertaken its journey towards audio greatness (please don’t lampoon us with respect to this L).

Boom 2 has already been let onto the wild and the response has been amazing. A massive Thank You to all users who’ve used and applauded it (this is the last time we self-appraise the app J). A number of goodies are coming your way in 2015 and we hope you enjoy its goodies.

If you haven’t got a taste of Boom 2 yet, try it out for free now! We’re not kidding, it will change the way you listen to audio from your Mac. Also, we’re soon coming out with a video that features excerpts of what our users have to say about Boom on its birthday! If you want to be a part of it, simply send us a recorded video of your message to and we’ll include it. You can reach out to us on Facebook and Twitter should you need to contact us. Happy Boomin’ and Sayonara!


~ Siddharth 


Game Your Video turns 3!

January 21st, 2015


Game Your Video turns 3


Game Your Video turns 3 and what an eventful 3! We have grown better each day with your love and support.  Game Your Video was created with a simple and clear vision to empower users with quick, easy & striking video-editing tools; and when we look back to the videos that you all have created… boy, “Amazing” is the word! So folks, to celebrate our “3 years of AWESOMENESS” with you we’re giving HUGE discounts (up to 50% OFF) on selective* in-apps for a limited period. What are you waiting for?

Visit the store at once & take all that you can to make your Game Your Video experience an amazing one. Once again, a heartfelt thank you for all the love you have showered on us & for being our strength over the years. You have defined our existence and with this special offer, it’s time we celebrate YOU!


~ Team GYV