Voila 3.9 Introduces The Next Level Of iOS Screen Recordings!

June 30th, 2015



Howdy Folks!

Your favorite screen capture tool just got a cool new feature along with several other enhancements, which we believe will elevate your experience with Voila. Voila 3.9 introduces iOS screen recording for video captures of your iPhone or iPad’s screen in crystal clear quality. In addition, this new update brings video captures via your Mac’s FaceTime camera as well as other supported external webcams. Voila 3.9 also sees several under-the-hood and subtle improvements that build upon Voila’s legacy.

We wanted to make sure that this new update exceeded all your expectations and we pulled out all stops to do so. We’ve been listening to what each and every one of you had to say and made sure that we looked into the smallest of niggles. One of the most highly requested features was if we could include iOS device recordings for instant video capture of the iPhone and iPad screen. After wrapping our heads around it, we set out to do it.




Now, screen recording of iOS devices is nothing new as this has been possible with QuickTime since last year. We wanted something to build upon simple recordings. Voila 3.9 brings in this feature and the possibilities are endless. With Voila’s take on iOS screen recording, you can now record videos and add your own voiceover! This makes it perfect for YouTubers, DIYers and those who need a solution where their iOS screen is under the limelight. Going further, Voila also beautifully curates your video recordings and files them properly for easy retrieval later. What’s more, you can share them with the world in no time!


To record, you simply need to hook your iOS device to the Mac with its cable and open Voila. Do note that you can only record an iPhone or iPad with a Lightning connector port as we wanted to ensure a certain quality during video captures. You will also need Yosemite on the Mac and iOS 8 on your iOS device. So go crazy and show off recordings of your gameplay to friends and co-workers!

Note ~ To record a device for the first time, simply connect the device to your Mac and activate it on iTunes. Next, disconnect & reconnect the device.

Moving on, Voila 3.9 adds the ability to record videos through the Mac’s FaceTime camera as well as supported external webcams. You also get a choice of sound input for adding brilliant commentary, sound bytes etc. for a kickass video! We’ve also gone ahead and made some changes to Voila’s UI and we believe these little modifications will make a positive impact when you work.


Another small change we’ve made is that you can now access ‘Object’ capture during ‘Selection’ captures by simply pressing the ‘Option’ key. This may come in handy for several of you people. Also, the Mac App Store version of Voila can now save captures directly from the cool ‘Voila Web Screenshot’ browser extension (this was already possible in the Webstore version). If you haven’t had a chance to play with this cool extension for Safari and Chrome yet, check it out!

Rounding up the changes in Voila 3.9 are measured improvements like support for the new Photos app, placement changes with respect to certain icons, SFTP server publishing enhancements and other small fixes that beef up Voila. The complete list changelog is as below:


  • iOS Screen Recording using Voila – Video record the screen of an iOS 8 device on a Mac with OS X Yosemite.
  • Voila can now record videos over the Mac’s FaceTime camera and other supported external webcams.
  • The Object Capture option can now be accessed during selection captures by pressing the ‘Option’ key.
  • Easily Export captures to the new Photos app from the Voila toolbar.
  • The ‘Spray’ tool has been removed.
  • SFTP authentication problems have been resolved.
  • You can now quickly drag and drop of images from the image browser to the workbench.
  • Direct sharing of captures from ‘Voila Web Screenshot’ browser extension to Voila (Mac App Store Version).
  • UI enhancements to ‘Selection’, ‘Object’ capture and certain other elements.
  • Photos can be exported to the new Photos app (Yosemite only)
  • Several minor bugs fixes and enhancements to increase the overall polish of the app.


We’re always waiting to hear from you! Talk to us on Facebook and Twitter and we’ll be happy to help out. If Voila is alien to you, stop by its site for a free trial and be blown by its sheer power. Have a smashing Fourth of July!


~ Siddharth




WWDC 15: What Did You Take From It?

June 18th, 2015



WWDC, Apple’s yearly conference, is the Holy Grail for a lot of Apple fanatics and enthusiasts. Everything that Tim Cook & co. has in store for the next 12 months is announced with a lot of pizzazz and anticipation; bated breath almost! This year’s edition, WWDC 15, was an important milestone in the sense that it set the tone for the future of the company. With the release of the new versions of Mac OS X, iOS, watchOS and more, it was evident that Apple decided to concentrate on enhancing its existing platforms instead of releasing new features.

The running theme from what we could gather at WWDC 15 was that of improvements and stability. This shouldn’t be identified as a bad thing. Instead, Apple should be praised for not falling for the whole trend of ‘New’ + ‘More’ = ‘Success’. As we’ve seen in the recent past, new features don’t necessarily work well out of the box. With a focus on streamlining its offerings, we now have new versions of operating systems that actually perform like how they were intended to.

First up was the announcement of OS X El Capitan, the successor to Yosemite. This particular release is reminiscent of the ‘Leopard’ -> ‘Snow Leopard’ and ‘Lion’ -> ‘Mountain Lion’ era where each version was followed by a consolidated version. ‘El Capitan’ is a major part of the Yosemite National Park and this new release builds on the same sentiment.

Last year’s WWDC 14 saw the overhaul of Mac OS X, going for a visual makeover as well as several under-the-hood changes.  El Capitan brings understated fixes and also several new tricks that further enhances the desktop experience. The announcements include a new font (‘San Francisco’), new Mission Control, Split View (two active side-by-side apps), improved Spotlight searches, better Mail app, Maps and more. While nothing may seem like a ‘standout’ feature, it should come as a relief that you can now expect better performance even on older Macs.

iOS 9, the next operating system in line for an upgrade, follows the same path as its desktop brother. Instead of inventing new features that will never be used by a majority or releasing half-baked stuff, Apple has delivered a robust and capable successor. Some of the additions include a more intelligent Siri, Split Screen view for iPad, improved Maps with Transit, a new News app and a smaller footprint so that you don’t end up deleting half your files before the upgrade.

With iOS 9, Siri is about to get more contextually aware. Gone are the days when you initiate and it responds. This means that you can now get relevant info. and options for different scenarios with the new proactive Siri. It will now be able to dig deeper into apps so that you and I can have a thorough search experience without leaving the window. Developers can use the new API’s to enable deep linking within their app. ‘News’, the aggregator app that intends to take on Flipboard, is another new addition. It looks beautiful and hopefully will work like a charm.

Ah, watchOS, the operating system that powers the Apple Watch too has grown in leaps and bounds! watchOS 2 was announced and the biggest cheer was reserved for when Apple announced that the Apple Watch can now run standalone apps without the need to be tethered to an iPhone or iPad. This will now pave the way for devs to go all out and get creative with their ideas! In addition, watchOS 2 will bring new watch faces, new crown functionalities, the ability to respond to emails, watch videos and make FaceTime audio calls directly and more. Oh, the Apple Watch will also be able to connect to known WiFi networks on its own!

The end of the Keynote saw Apple announce ‘Apple Music’, the Spotify-competitor that they hope will hand them a firm grip in the music-streaming segment that is only on the ascendancy. Tim Cook opened with his traditional ‘One More Thing’ line that again brought loud cheers from the audience. Apple Music will provide on-demand, unlimited ad-free music for $9.99/month and this should signal the start of the real ‘streaming’ wars. Aside from listening to the music you want, Apple Music will also come with ‘Beats 1’, a 24/7 global radio station curated by DJ Zane Lowe.

With everything that’s been said and done, Apple has done a fine job this year at WWDC 15. All the announcements point to a busy 12 months ahead and we cannot wait to dig in! What did you guys think about this year’s conference? Leave your comments and opinions below. You can also reach out to us on Twitter and Facebook.


~ Siddharth



Boom 2 (v1.2) ~ Remote Control Your Boom 2 Experience!

June 4th, 2015

Boom 2 Remote app


What’s better than using Boom 2 with VLC or iTunes on a lazy Sunday afternoon? Nothing! On second thought, controlling it from the comfort of your seat without having to go back and forth reaching out for the Mac is something that will make all you movie and music lovers sit up and take notice (no pun intended).

Say hello to the ‘Boom 2 Remote’! This little gem of an app will make sure you never have to sigh before having to change the volume, toggle equalizers, manage playback on media player apps on your Mac etc. Sound good right? The Boom 2 Remote can be downloaded for free on the iTunes App Store and is optimized for both, the iPhone and iPad. In addition, Boom 2 (v1.2) also introduces 2 new equalizer presets – ‘Hip Hop’ & ‘Reggae’ to cater to your varied taste in music.

We’ve been working on releasing a companion remote app to offer a more convenient way of taking charge of Boom 2’s features as well as that of your media. With more and more of us consuming loads of movies and music on the Mac, we felt this solution would be perfect to just sit back and relax during binge sessions. The remote app is free, meaning you get to instantly get it onto your iOS device without any further delay!


With the Boom 2 Remote app, you can:

• Control Boom 2′s volume as well as your Mac’s default volume

• Change Boom 2′s Equalizers and Effects

• Access playback controls of VLC, QuickTime and iTunes on your Mac


Support for VLC, QuickTime and iTunes on the Mac guarantees that your entire binge watching and listening experience is as smooth as possible; seamless almost! All you need is to connect your Mac and the iOS device to the same WiFi network and you’re set.

We can almost picture ourselves with our feet up and enjoying the latest flick and changing the volume and equalizers of Boom 2 with a simplest of touches B-)

Haven’t had a chance to play with Boom 2 yet? Trust us, you’re missing out on having the best acoustic experience on your Mac! Head to our site to learn more and download the free trial or visit the Mac App Store. You can check out the Boom 2 Remote at the iTunes App Store. Also, should you have any questions, please reach out to us on Facebook and Twitter.


~ Siddharth



Voila 3.8.4 – Introducing Voila Web Screenshot!

May 19th, 2015



Voila, your favorite screen capture app for Mac, has now been updated to version 3.8.4 for an even better user experience. With this release, we’re pleased to announce ‘Voila Web Screenshot’, a free and independent browser extension for Safari and Chrome. This aims to expand Voila’s offerings into something much more because you always deserve the best! In addition to the extension, we’ve polished the app further and ironed out a few bugs.

‘Voila Web Screenshot’ was developed so as to give you quick access to capturing webpages in an instant. This extension doesn’t deepened on Voila being installed on your Mac, although it is capable of much more with it. This extension for Safari and Chrome is a neat little unobtrusive app that sits in your browser and is at your beck and call whenever you need it.

This Voila extension is capable of capturing webpages in a variety of ways; be it full webpages, select portions or specific DOM elements. Once captured, you can choose to download the capture or you can import it into Voila. The latter opens up even more opportunities with respect to brushing up your image as you can use the variety of Tools and Effects present to take them to the next level before sharing it. You can read more about it on the website.

There are other changes in v3.8.4 that improve the overall quality of the app. First up, Voila has integrated sharing to the new ‘Photos’ app that made its debut on Yosemite 10.10.3. This can be found in the contextual menu on the capture tray and also from the ‘Share’ menu in the Voila Menu bar. Yes, the ‘Publish’ button has been renamed to ‘Share’, so as to have a more accurate reflection of its function :-)

Rounding off the improvements are changes to the ‘Marquee’ tool. This has been modified to work in such a way that when a particular portion of an image is selected and moved, it now copies it instead of cutting it. Other fixes include resolving certain bugs related to screen recording and as always, Voila keeps raising the bar with every update.

We hope you play with the new Voila extension and see how useful it can be! You can check it out on the Chrome Web Store and the Apple Extension Gallery. On a side note, we’d like to thank our users for their continued patronage of the app and all the beautiful reviews that have been left on the Mac App Store. Please continue rating us and we promise that Voila will always be at the forefront of cutting edge Mac productivity.

We’re always here if you want to get in touch with us. We’d love to chat with you on Facebook and Twitter. Also, if you still haven’t had the chance to experience Voila, there’s no better time than now! Take the free trial out for a spin on our website. Have a wonderful day!


~ Siddharth




How To Capture Web Pages Using A Mac

April 29th, 2015

voila web capture


The web is a massive repertoire of information and classifying it for oneself is practically impossible. The very process of capturing, organizing and retrieving stuff from the Internet is a daunting task, but there are ways to do this right. The easiest way of capturing web pages is by taking a screenshot of the entire page; top to bottom. The icing on the cake would be an efficient way of managing them, post-capture. In this post, we’re going to explore how simple it is to do so using Voila Screen Capture tool for Mac.

Broadly speaking, there are 3 ways of capturing web pages. You can use Voila’s own browser to capture, open an active web page from your favorite browser in Voila or instantly capture a web page that’s open on another browser like Safari, Firefox or Chrome. You may also choose to capture only select parts of the site. Let’s dig deeper to see how capturing web pages is child’s play.

Voila web capture options


First up is ‘Snap from Voila Browser’. This option opens up Voila’s in-built browser, where you can then enter the site’s URL. The address bar also acts as a Google search bar, so you can enter your search query directly into it.

Voila browser

Secondly, Voila has the ‘Open Current URL in Voila’ feature that loads whatever URL is currently active on your other browser that is open. The third method is ‘Snap Active Browser URL’, which automatically loads and captures the active URL from your browser that is active.

The steps involved in capturing web pages are almost the same. Once Voila is open, click the ‘Web’ option that you see on the main Voila toolbar. For the ‘Snap from Voila Browser’ and ‘Open Current URL in Voila’ feature, follow these steps:

  • If you’ve chosen the ‘Snap from Voila Browser’ option, enter the desired URL into the address bar. You can also search using the Google search option that is integrated within the address bar itself.
  • For ‘Open Current URL in Voila’, the app should automatically load the URL that is active on your other browser like Safari, Firefox or Chrome.
  • You now have the freedom to save the entire page or just parts of it. From the capture options next to the address bar, select the ‘Camera’ icon to snap the entire page.


Full web page capture

  • You may also select the ‘Spotted Rectangle’ icon to select a desired part. You can also scroll up or down the page to capture parts.


Selection web page capture

Selection capture

  • To capture DOM elements (Menu buttons etc.), click on the ‘Square’ icon.


DOM element capture

DOM element

  • Finally, download the web page in the form of a PDF by selecting the ‘PDF’ icon situated next to it.


Save Web page as PDF


The ‘Snap Active Browser URL’ option saves the entire web page that is open on your active browser in one go. This is a godsend if you’ve got loads of web pages to capture as Voila does all the hard work for you.

After capture, press the ‘Done’ button to get back to the main Voila window. The best part about Voila is that it is equally adept at organizing and managing your captures. The app also has ‘Smart Collections’ folders that you can customize and rename. The default folders themselves are exhaustive and cover a variety of capture occasions. You may also use Voila’s extensive image editing capabilities that include loads of ‘Tools’ and ‘Effects’ to get the most out of your captured web pages.

If you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Voila yet, you’re missing out! Head to the website to learn more about it and to experience a free, no-commitment trial. Voila is also on the Mac App Store for you to enjoy. Should you want to reach us, we’re on Twitter and Facebook. Happy Capturing!



~ Siddharth