Camera Plus Pro Celebrates Five Years Of Pro iPhone Photography!

December 18th, 2014



Your favorite pro iPhone photography app now is five years old! Starting out as a humble journey into exploring the depths of smartphone photography, Camera Plus Pro now offers a fully-fledged camera experience. With a loyal following from around the world and tons of captures being made through the app every single day, Camera Plus Pro couldn’t possible thank all of you enough. And yes, considering the fickle nature of the app industry, 5 years is a big milestone indeed!

Smartphone photography has come a long way since the release of the original iPhone in 2007. What was seen as a communication device is now a multimedia behemoth that can relate to everything that we do in our daily lives. These ubiquitous devices play an important role in every aspect and this includes photography; something that has got everyone hooked onto. Today, even low and mid-level phones carry optics that are more than capable of holding their own.

Camera Plus Pro has always been about extracting the maximum out of every capture. It may boast features that bring out the inner child, but this isn’t just what it excels at. It was also the harbinger of a lot ‘firsts’! Camera Plus Pro introduced video recording on the iPhone 3G and also the concept of a ‘Quick’ roll – which acted as a workbench; a sort of intermediate between the Camera Roll and the camera. You could play with you captures and get it just right, before copying it onto your Camera Roll for your pleasure. You’re welcome! :-)

If that wasn’t enough, Camera Plus Pro was also the first to provide live filters for both photos and videos in full resolution. This set the tone when it came to viewing the effect of a filter even before taking the capture. Rounding up the list of firsts, it was also presented image editing at full resolution so that you always end up with the finest quality shots. Whoop!

Camera Plus Pro’s eventful journey has been full of surprises over the years. We’ve had people gushing about it, clamoring over it, falling hopelessly in love with it and embracing its philosophy. It has and will continue to break down barriers with respect to smartphone photography. Once again, a hearty ‘Thank You’ to all of you out there who’ve supported it and captured amazing photos & videos with it.

To celebrate its birthday, we’re giving away a special 33% discount for a limited period. Grab it while it lasts and let your captures do all the talking. You can reach us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Linkedin should you want to contact us.


~ Siddharth



Game Your Video is now on Tumblr!

December 8th, 2014



Hello Fellas!

Its been a while since we spoke to each other but we hope you are all doing great! You might have a lot to finish before taking off for Christmas because at our end things are quite hectic. (Well, new surprises are on their way!) :)  But amidst all the hullaballoo, we are very happy and excited to inform that we are starting with ‘Game Your Video’ blog. (Yes, you read it right!)

We know some of the curious brains out there are wondering about this initiative from our end but no worries, we will satiate your queries. Well, Game your Video has always been about making your video-editing experience magical as it empowers you to add different flavours, allows you to add text on your videos, awesome effects & now you can add Voice-overs too! (Isn’t it cool??)

So, whether it is a nostalgic video shot during your old school times about the prank you played on your buddies or when you & your friends recorded first song for the band or a funny small piece shot on a family gathering with your loved ones all around or better still it is one of your favourites where you won hearts of masses with cool Parkour Moves, all these videos can be turned into masterpieces with cool editing tools offered by Game Your Video.

Now, you can stop worrying about editing your videos because Game Your Video has got your back! ;)  We are very sure that our users will agree with us & those of you who have not used the app yet, do consider giving it a try! We bet you can’t resist its charm

So, if we put it briefly, this blog will be a unique space where we will keep you updated about the new exciting features that are soon going to come in the app :)   (Keep guessing!)

It will be a platform where we will talk about the app and share some of our creations too with you. (Well, we too love editing videos using the app :P )

And most importantly, it will be the place where we can connect with YOU, our Dear Users, because we firmly believe that it is you who complete us. It had been a beautiful journey so far and we sincerely hope this step would only strengthen our bond!

See you there and let’s get talking. :D :)


~ Team GYV


Boom 2 – A New Era In Mac Audio

December 3rd, 2014




After a wild ride involving some amazing drawing board ideas, carefully curated requirements, passionate execution and a killer beta program (thanks guys!), we’re chuffed to present the next level in Mac audio capabilities. Introducing Boom 2 – an all-new app specially designed for Yosemite that we’re sure will completely transform the sound emanating from your humble Mac!

We wanted to re-think and reimagine the way people related to PC audio. Instead of simply blaring up the volume, we thought that Boom should be something more refined; cultured enough to deliver audio that has the word QUALITY written all over it. What could we do that would change the landscape of Mac acoustics, yet retain the simplicity that defined Boom?

Boom 2 is the next step in Boom’s colorful history. After snagging Macworld’s Best of Show 2011, it went onto delight users and reviewers worldwide. We’ve outfitted this new upgrade with all new equalizer controls, customized audio output, cool one-click audio effects, intelligent file audio boosting, powerful volume boosting and a sporty new look that goes well with it. All these new features make sure that you get brilliant sound in any scenario, and Boom 2 does a pretty darn good job at it!

So here’s what went behind the crafting of Boom 2. All of us out there do have some form of audio coming out of our Macs at most times. There’s no denying the fact that we indulge in a tune or two even when we’re stuffed with work. We designed Boom 2 to cater to precisely that – your companion that is with you all the time, orchestrating the audio coming out. It acts as the audio catalyst for your everyday listening experience. This is why the new upgrade comes with features that offer more precise control over what you hear.

Let’s start with personalization. Every Mac is unique and contains your personality all over it. Boom 2 mimics the same sentiment when it comes to acoustics. You get to enjoy audio that is tailored specifically for your Mac, and yours only! A precise calibration performed by Boom 2 will make sure it sounds just like your twin in another life! A very simple idea that conveys a feeling of being in sync with your machine.

Boom 2 is engineered for OS X Yosemite and it perfectly complements the visual cues of the new Mac OS X. Moving onto the duller side of things , Boom 2 is now compatible with 64-bit processors. This means you get much faster and more efficient performance right out of the box.

Ah, humble equalizer; look at how far you’ve come! Boom 2 comes fully prepped up in this department. You now get readymade and custom presets, choice of 10-band and advanced equalizer controls and also the ingenious Frequency Constrain controls. Trust us, this is pretty fun!

You can select from a range of preset equalizers like Rock, Soft, Acoustic, Bass Boost etc. or make your own. Boom 2 comes with a 10-band and Advanced equalizer so that you can exert your own preferences. Simply come up with a preset and name it your own, making it truly yours!

Making a splash in this new upgrade of Boom 2 is the Frequency Constrain Controls. These allow you to select from the Bass, Mid or Treble and play around with their bands. You also get a slider that allows you to shift complete bands up and down. This gives you the opportunity to dig deep and make your Mac sound like never before. A neat way to effortlessly create your own presets and monitor every minute audio detail!

Moving on, we’ve upgraded the good ol’ system-wide volume boosting feature. Boom made its name with this and so is an integral part of its identity. Boom 2 now offers more powerful yet optimized system-wide volume boosting that makes everything sound much louder, clearer and better. This way, you get to enjoy your favorites on Netflix, YouTube, Spotify, iTunes and other services like never before. Whether you’re next to your Mac or in a noisy area, it is about to get real loud and clear!

Boom 2 also comes with all-new one-click audio effects that completely enhance the quality of sound coming out of your Mac. These effects transform the sound and make it seems like it is being played on a grander scale. Ambience and Fidelity were designed to add depth and layers so that you are completely immersed into the sound. When activated, they instantly transport you to another world!


AmbienceBe alive and feel the music around you with Ambience. Hear notes from every single angle and corner, making it a live performance like no other

FidelityBe here, there and everywhere with Fidelity. Listen to crisp and sharp tones while being surprised at how clear your Mac sounds!


Boom 2 can make media files sound much more louder and clearer for consumption elsewhere. It allows you to boost the volume & experience Boomin’ audio on other platforms like Mobiles, MP3 Players, iTunes Sync and much more. It also understands each and every file before recommending an optimal level to boost it up to. You’re free to take it all the way up if you’d like to bring the house down!

Before we proceed further, we’d like to once again thank all our users and beta testers who’ve been immense throughout. We wanted Boom 2 to match your aspirations for it and we hope we’ve delivered. The feedback during the beta program was more than overwhelming and we hope all you people out there feel the same.

Now with respect to Boom 2 being an all-new app, there are a few things we have to point out. Boom 2 is a paid upgrade for existing Boom 1.x website (Non Mac App Store) customers. It will be priced at $14.99 for a standard user license (applicable for 2 Macs). Educators/Students can get a discounted price of $9.99 (applicable for 1 Mac). This is for the Global Delight Webstore version only with the Mac App Store version coming out soon. You can see more pricing details in our store. We’ve poured all our efforts and resources into completely re-imagining and perfecting Boom 2 so that you have a completely enjoyable experience.

To show our appreciation, we’re offering all you Boom 1.x owners out there (Global Delight Webstore or simply put Non Mac App Store version) an easy upgrade path. We’re giving you a 50% discount for a limited period so that you can get some next-gen Boomin’ instantly. We’re also giving Boom 2 away to 1000 lucky people who took part in the beta program. The rest of you Beta testing partners get a 50% discount too!

You can redeem these offers by using your Boom 1.x purchase/registration details (testers should enter their registered email address). Verify them at checkout and you’re good to go! Also, please use the same email address that was used when buying/testing Boom to register your copy of Boom 2 successfully. Please refer to the mail we’ll be sending you for more details regarding discounts and redemption procedure. Those who’ve misplaced their registration key can use the Lost License Form.

We sincerely believe that Boom 2 might just be the best audio app for Mac. Its eclectic mix of minimal and intelligent is simply a boon when it comes to producing quality audio. We hope you try it out and enjoy the fruit of our unrelenting desire for perfection. Read more about Boom 2 in our website. You can also reach out to us on Twitter, Facebook, G+ and Linkedin.


~ Siddharth


So, why watermark?

December 3rd, 2014



Dear users!

We’ve been receiving a lot of feedback on our newly introduced watermark feature that was added in our latest update and we understand many of you are not happy with it. Hence, we’d like to take this opportunity to inform you on the reasons behind this feature.

Game Your Video now adds a watermark to the videos you create using the app. The latest update requires a separate purchase to remove that watermark. We introduced this feature because we realised that ownership is an important factor when it comes to creating, editing & most importantly sharing your created videos on social network.

So, while the app still continues to offer the best services, the branding of these videos will help Game Your Video gain visibility in this cluttered market. We also need to move ahead with our plans to secure the future of ‘Game Your Video’. So, we need to bring in a monetisation model to not just sustain the existence of the app but also to support the brains behind it. We have noted down your valuable suggestions and are working on the same to ensure that we come up with solutions that make OUR USERS happy! We also whole- heartedly thank all our users who have purchased the ‘Watermark Removal’ in-app and have entrusted the app with their confidence.

Dear users, Game Your Video still is the best free app that offers some of the choicest video-editing tools for all kinds of effects.

While Game Your Video offers completely free video editing for your everyday videos, you will still have to purchase the watermark removal add-on through the Store. It’s a tiny barrier when the app is free, but it’ll help us more than ever if you purchase the add-on. There are various other effects and filters that you can buy from within the app that’ll enhance your editing experience manifold. There are many more awesome features to come, Keep watching out this space for further exciting updates!

Always committed towards providing you with the most magical video editing experience!


-Team GYV



A Big Thank You From The GYV Team!

November 27th, 2014



Hola Peeps!

How are you’ll doing? Well, the festive month has begun and so has the excitement. Soon, we will all be busy shopping for Christmas gifts for our loved ones and that’s a pretty tough task, isn’t it?

But before any of us gets immersed in festivities, on this Thanksgiving, the team at Game Your Video wants to say a BiiGGGGG Thank You for being with us and for sharing your valuable feedback about the updates.

We understand some of our users are not happy with certain new features we have introduced in Game Your Video and that saddens us too. :(

We have taken various suggestions into account and are working on the same to ensure that we come up with solutions that make OUR USERS happy! We promise that we will not leave any stone unturned but we also expect that you will be patient and cooperate with us to help us become better!

Once again, Happy Thanksgiving to all and do enjoy a sumptuous turkey meal with your loved ones!


~ Team GYV