Say Hello To Camera Plus On The Apple Watch!

April 20th, 2015



The Camera Plus extension for the Apple Watch is out and the next category in consumer electronics is officially in. Camera Plus, the App Store original, is once again one of the first camera apps to break new ground. Carrying over the same legendary simplicity with an intuitive interface, this new chapter in Camera Plus story is about to begin.

The new extension is perfect for you to instantly capture photos and videos. Also, Camera Plus expands AirSnap’s functionality by bringing it onto the Apple Watch to take the app’s functionality into the next level. By eliminating the need to fish around constantly for your iPhone or iPod for an important click, you are now just mere taps away from controlling and triggering full-fledged captures. Camera Plus on the Apple Watch automatically syncs itself with your iPhone or iPod the second you open it, thus offering a seamless experience and eliminating any further steps.

Acting as a remote to control various photo & video capture functions, Camera Plus on the Apple Watch offers users a way of instantly controlling the various facets of photography from their wrist. Get easy access to the following features:


• Photo Capture

• Video Recording

• Choice of front and back camera

• Flash

• Countdown timer

• Instant preview after capture

• Live Preview when capturing


Camera Plus on the Apple Watch is brilliant for instant candid shots, group selfies, portraits with family & friends and other picture perfect moments that rely on being captured at the right time.

The Apple Watch presents a whole new way of interacting with your personal device. The same is true for Camera Plus. By giving you the power of immediately being able to capture anything, anywhere, you get to avoid constantly having to fish for your phone every second. Camera Plus cannot wait to be the go-to camera app on the wrist of users around the world.


Camera Plus on the Apple Watch is an extension to Camera Plus that will be available to all those who have the app on an iOS 8.3 and later device. For more details, please visit the App Store page and the website. You can also reach out to us on Facebook and Twitter. Have a good day!


How To Record Video Chats On The Mac With Voila

March 16th, 2015

Voila records web chats with video


Ever fancied if you could just record your video chats like those on Skype, Google Hangouts, etc. on your Mac? Everyday, millions of people rely on this form of communication to talk and interact on various levels and chats conducted over the web are only increasing everyday. To assist people in recording and saving these video chats, Voila Screen Capture for Mac presents an easy and efficient method that has almost no learning curve!

So, setting yourself up to record video chats is real simple. First, select the video chat window you’d like to record. Now, open Voila on your Mac and select the ‘Record’ option you see on the main bar. If you haven’t experienced Voila, head to its site and download it! Next, choose from either ‘Fullscreen’ or ‘Selection’ (if you prefer to record only a particular area of your video chat). Those who select ‘Selection’ will be presented with an extra step wherein they’ll have to select their preferred recording area. Once done, you’re just one tiny step away from recording your Mac video chats in maximum quality.


Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 8.25.04 pm


From the pre-recording window that pops up, remember to choose ‘Record Computer Audio’ and ‘Record Microphone Audio’.  If you’re using an external microphone plugged into your Mac, remember to choose it from the drop down list provided. You’re now ready to record and save your video chats! Once you hit the red record button, Voila is action and records your video chats along with the full audio on both ends. This includes Skype, Google Hangouts and any other video chat service out there.

For more information on Voila Screen Capture for Mac, visit the site to learn more. You can also download a free, no-commitment 15 day trial. If you’d like to say Hi, please reach out to us on Facebook and Twitter.




Voila is smart enough to automatically select its own device to record your Mac’s audio when the ‘Record Computer Audio’ option is ON. If not, you can do so yourself by selecting ‘VoilaDevice’ under your video chat app’s preference window.


~ Siddharth



A Huge Thank You To All 3 Million Of Game Your Video’s Users!

March 13th, 2015



Today we are extremely thrilled not because it’s Friday (although we admit that it is one of many reasons) but because today our family is as strong as 3 million users! That’s right – there are now 3 million of you & we couldn’t be more excited!

Over the past three years, you have loved us immensely & helped us grow better than the rest.

As it goes without saying, we are committed to provide you the best video-editing experience (we mean it!) & some crazy upcoming updates will vouch for it!

Game Your Video will be the ultimate video editor & moviemaker on the go! You can reach out to us on Facebook and Twitter should you feel the need to do so.

And again, thank you! We couldn’t have done it without you!


~ Team GYV


A Look Into The Recent Updates Of Boom 1.x And Boom 2

March 12th, 2015

Boom Volume Booster for Mac

Howdy Boomers!

We wanted to keep all of you abreast of everything that’s been going on in the world of Boom these past few days. As stated previously, we’re committed to improving Boom on a continuous basis and this involves handing out regular updates. Of late, we’ve updated both, Boom 1.x and Boom 2, squashing some annoying bugs in the process. Allow us to elaborate on these changes so that you know what’s going on under the hood of your favorite Mac app.

Boom 2 is now running version 1.1.1 and is out for both sets of users; The Mac App Store as well as our Webstore. This update resolves the audio mute issue in the case of Bluetooth speakers and even fixes the crackling sounds heard in certain cases.


What’s new in Boom 2 v1.1.1:

1. The audio mute issue for Bluetooth speakers is now fixed.

2.  The rare crackling sounds have also been fixed.

3. The ‘My MacBook Pro’ preset in the case of MacBook Pro’s have been tweaked for a better sounding performance.


Boom 1.x, on the other hand, has been updated to v1.9.4 to kill some of the instabilities and ensure better performance. The new version fixes the issue where the audio would randomly get muted and also when plugging external audio devices, amongst other enhancements. Also, there are HDMI related resolutions that should see improved handling when using Boom and HDMI in the same setup.

There are several other bug fixes and app improvements for both Boom 1.x and Boom 2.  We hope all you people have updated your respective app to the latest release and are enjoying it! If any of you haven’t experienced Boom yet, check out the free & no commitment trial on our website for some magical Mac audio. We’re always available should you feel the need to contact us. Reach out to us on Twitter and Facebook and we’ll be more than happy to help out. Happy Boomin’!







MacUser: End Of An Era In Apple Magazines

March 5th, 2015

MacUser is now no more

Another one bites the dust


MacUser, one of the earliest Apple-focussed magazines, put out its last ever issue in February 2015 in what seems to be an increasingly growing trend of print publications shutting shop. Even the mighty-popular Macworld announced that it would be closing down its magazine division last year, a day after Apple held its iPhone 6 event. The two alone have over 60 years of Apple-related reporting experience between them. The Internet is here to stay and a lot of things as we know them are about to change forever.

First published in 1985 in the UK, MacUser was the first to use the famous “mouse” ratings system, which was later adopted by Macworld in the U.S. The magazine was highly rated by its readers for its design, which was always considered to be way ahead of its time. Also, poignantly or not, the last ever issue contained a review of Boom 2 and we couldn’t be any prouder of being a part of the grand finale. We went out of our way to secure the final copy of MacUser (see the picture above), but tried hard and failed to get the last issue of Macworld. Such is the fickle nature of the print industry :-(

The sad truth is that there is a shift in fundamentals across everything that exists; the common unifying theme here being the Internet. We’ve got TV’s slowly giving way to online subscriptions, photos being re-lived and shared through the Internet and not photo albums, good ol’ books giving way to their online cousins and even people finding their significant others on the Interwebs.

All this can be attributed to the dynamics of the changing habits of people, with everyone looking online for their daily fix of information. You’ve got blogs and other official channels of media houses online that offer everything for free (supported by ads of course!) The very fact that all of these are merely a tap away is something that has everyone hooked. Whereas print magazines required subscriptions, the online world offers everything and more, with newsletters even delivering your daily digest straight to your mailbox. This sort of convenience cannot be overlooked in the context of today’s fast-paced world.


Sad Mac from MacUser


Now instead of getting teary-eyed and nostalgic about how things were in the good old days, we can instead focus on the future and be full of hope. Yes, the next 10-20 years may see the demise of paper completely and the print industry will be just another whisper. Yes, magazines like MacUser and Macworld will only be cherished memories like a million other entities. But let us not forget that the birth of the printing press and the subsequent propagation of information was responsible of some of the biggest leaps in mankind. We’re here today because of the wonderful past and long shall it continue to lay the foundation for the future. RIP MacUser and Macworld Magazine

“Study the past if you would define the future.”

― Confucius



~ Siddharth