Camera Plus For iPad: Large Screen Photography Was Never This Good

April 11th, 2014


Camera Plus for the iPad


So it seems that you guys were enamored with the latest update to Camera Plus (or so we heard :-) ) and AirSnap took the world of iPhone photography by storm with its magical remote capture capabilities. While Camera Plus introduced this feature for all your group selfie cravings and whatnots, it also brought in other additions that took this app to another level in terms of usability and interactivity.  Allow us to walk you through them so that you get the best out of Camera Plus!

To start things off, here’s the big one guys, Camera Plus is now available on the iPad too! This Universal compatibility across iOS 7 devices brings the same gorgeous interface and crisp graphics over to the beautiful and large screen of the iPad and iPad mini (including the Retina version) while upping the ante with some nifty additions. Also, for our fans who want to enjoy the app in their preferred language can now do so with complete localization into 10 languages. Let’s take a look at these new features in detail, shall we?

Ah, the iPad. The epitome of the times we’re heading towards. With large screen devices like tablets and phablets slowly becoming the darlings of this generation of personal portables, Camera Plus wanted to be the face of iPhonegraphy on the big screen! It is with this intention that we carried Camera Plus over to the iPad so that you guys could get the same amazing experience without compromising on anything.


Asjustable Capture Bar


Camera Plus on the iPad has the same easy yet functional controls that the iPhone version quickly became adored for. The buttery-smooth maneuvers, the sleek interface and the robust feature set are just some of the things you’ll find in this version. To make life easier for your fingers and overall grip while holding out the iPad for captures, we’ve brought in a customizable capture bar that can be moved/adjusted according to what suits your hand. This means that you get to push it up or down so that you don’t strain your fingers while reaching for the various buttons. Deceptively simple yet supremely effective, right?



To make use of the extra screen real estate, we’ve also brought in a beautiful view for the captures on your Camera Roll. You can now pore through those photos and videos, using your finger to slide through them instantly; it’s an absolute breeze! Select from three different thumbnail sizes and two view modes to get through huge libraries with ease.


Camera Roll Navigation


Oh and Camera Plus comes with some features that will improve your captures infinitely! The iPad version comes with a Soft Flash as well as an option to record in 720p, giving you the option to take videos without eating up all your space. You can thank us later :-) . The Soft Flash is a massive addition considering that the iPad comes without a flash. This makes sure that your photos are brighter by mimicking the effects of an actual Flash. As you’ve probably deduced by now, this comes in handy during times where the light betrays you.


Soft Flash


And yes, Camera Plus is now in 10 different languages with complete localization into French, Spanish, Italian, German, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Brazilian Portuguese, Dutch and Russian. You now get to experience Camera Plus in your preferred language without having to settle for anything less. Also, in case you missed it, Camera Plus comes with the wonderful AirSnap – A feature that allows you to capture photos and videos remotely using 2 iOS devices like iPhones, iPads and iPod touches (5th Gen). This allows for awesome group selfies, candid pet videos and much more!

If you haven’t given Camera Plus a go, you absolutely should! It’s fun to play with and takes great captures with easy-to-use features and a yummy interface. Check out our site to know more or go to the App Store to download it. Also, follow us on Twitter and Facebook to get updates, promos and news, right from the Camera Plus crew!





AirSnap – Wireless Mesh Networks Aka Multipeer Technology At Its Best

April 2nd, 2014

AirSnap Wireless Mesh Network Technology


To start things with, we’d like to thank everyone for the tremendous reception that the new update of Camera Plus has received since its release last week. The introduction of ‘AirSnap’ and Universal compatibility for iOS, bringing support for the iPads, was a blast and raved about by the media including biggies like TechCrunch and The Next Web and a host of others. The icing on the cake though, was Apple’s inclusion of Camera Plus under the ‘Best New Apps’ category and reaching #7 in the ‘Top Paid Apps’ of the US App Store and featuring in the Top 50 Paid Apps in all other major countries across the world for both, the iPhone and iPad!

But today, we wanted to talk about AirSnap and the underlying technology that powers this wonderful concept. To refresh your memory, AirSnap allows you to remotely capture photos and videos by using two iOS devices like iPhones, iPod touches and iPads running Camera Plus. Allow us to shed some light on how this came about and what it means to the future of Apps. Let’s start by skimming through what powers this feature and also what went behind the conceptualization and realization of AirSnap.

The biggest feature of iOS 7, according to us, is this curious little gem called ‘Wireless Mesh Networks’ (WMN) aka ‘Multipeer Connectivity’, buried deep into Apple’s newest mobile OS. You may be have blinked in disbelief, but hear us out! It might not have the most glamorous of names, but it may just provide the spark for the next wave of apps! When iOS 7 was first launched, it was this feature that caught our attention and we immediately knew that we had to find new and ingenious ways to leverage this technology. This was a tool that was waiting to be innovatively exploited so we did what we do best and got down to business. Putting on our thinking caps and brainstorming for ways of bringing about a meaningful outlet for this wonderful feature was only the beginning. But wait, you guys must still be still scratching your heads trying to figure what exactly this technology is all about.

This is how Popular Apple Blog ‘Cult of Mac’ described Mutipeer Connectivity in its review of ‘Firechat’, an app that uses the same technology:


“The Multipeer Connectivity Framework enables users to flexibly use WiFi and Bluetooth peer-to-peer connections to chat and share photos even without an Internet connection. Big deal, right?

But here’s the really big deal — it can enable two users to chat not only without an Internet connection, but also when they are far beyond WiFi and Bluetooth range from each other — connected with a chain of peer-to-peer users between one user and a far-away Internet connection.”


The bottom-line is that your devices get to send and receive commands whether or not it is connected to the Internet! This isn’t exactly a new concept and Apple themselves use a similar technology called ‘Bonjour’ to power their mesh network requirements. Even ‘AirDrop’ works using a peer based network. To put it in simple terms, here’s Apple’s own take:


Multipeer Communication


Coming back to Camera Plus, we thought it would be awesome to bring Multipeer Connectivity into the field of smartphone photography. What about a scenario where two devices were used in tandem to control how shots are taken? One device to capture and the other to be used as a remote trigger. Think of all the situations where this could come in handy – group shots, candid captures, pets at their cutest and a whole lot more, captured remotely of course!

AirSnap uses Multipeer Connectivity to wirelessly send and receive signals that ultimately make for effortless remote captures. Multipeer Connectivity isn’t for photography per se, but we’ve gone ahead and added a unique touch to it. Everyone’s at a point where they’re really excited by the prospect of this technology and moving forward, we’re looking to complement AirSnap with more features that will serve to make photography easier and more fun. This is only the beginning.


If you guys haven’t used AirSnap on Camera Plus yet, you absolutely should! It’s amazing and works between iPhones, iPads and iPod touches (5th Gen). Check it out @ our site or at the App Store. Also, follow us on Twitter and Facebook for news, updates and promotions. Have a good day!




AirSnap – Magical Remote Captures Using Two iOS Devices!

March 21st, 2014




So we’ve done it again. The restless in us has gone and put its hands where it doesn’t belong. Every so often, there comes a time when you hit the wall and begin to wonder about the next few steps. After coming out with the exhilarating refresh of Camera Plus, we were always trying hard to come up with something that would continue to provide value in terms of photography and improve the experience that comes with it. The first major update brought about gorgeous Filters and Text captions and this brought in a renewed sense of vigor amongst users who used Camera Plus in ways that exuded creativity. We then took a step back and focused on what would shatter the barriers and bring back the ‘X’ factor into smartphone photography. We wanted something extraordinary that you guys would cherish; not just another gimmick that would end up being a filler.

We played around and then it struck us! Now that the capture experience was slick, savvy and svelte, why not make it the same from afar? Allow us to elaborate – capturing the world is all fine and dandy until you come to a situation where you really want to be in the heart of the action. This is where AirSnap comes in. So you want to include yourself in group shots (duh!) and record all candid moments that you just can’t miss out on. We’ll we’ve just given you front row tickets to all of that!

AirSnap is a magical way to capture wirelessly using Camera Plus. With 2 different iOS devices like iPhones, iPads and iPod touches, you can now control Camera Plus and be in your story at the same time.

AirSnap lets you take photos and videos while also allowing you to review photos on the device that remote controls the other capture device. You also get to control the flash, front camera and use the volume keys as the trigger. Now that’s pretty cool, isn’t it? This is a marked shift from the days when photography was all, well you know, straight up photography! AirSnap comes in handy for group photos, fun spy videos, shots with your pets and a whole lot more. You are only limited by creativity.




Also making a dramatic entrance is Camera Plus on the iPad. After going Universal, Camera Plus is now available to enhance your photography experience on the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad! You get the same luscious interface on all devices while the iPad version has a few extra tricks up its sleeve. It features an adjustable capture bar, which you can adjust accordingly, so that you don’t strain your fingers when reaching for that capture button. An iPad that is firmly gripped in your hands is the least one can wish for when taking captures and it isn’t asking for too much, is it? You also get a brilliant view of all your captures in the Camera Roll with a smooth continuous display that is just a joy to sift through. Going through captures just hopped onto the gravy train!

Also, to compensate the lack of a Flash on the iPad, we’ve brought out a ‘Soft Flash’. This mimics the effect of a flash and replicates the brightness onto captures. We first came out with this feature when Camera Plus was launched in 2009 as the iPhone 3G and 3GS lacked a Flash. This is a step back into the good ol’ times for us. We’re also throwning in a 720p video capture option for those who need it.

Other additions that have been added in Camera Plus 3.5 include AirDrop sharing and the ability to pause and resume video recording. We’ve also limited the capacity of the Locked Roll to 25 captures before you have to purchase it in-app. But to make it up to you, we’ve localized Camera Plus to 10 different languages. You can now say hello to Camera Plus in French, Italian, German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Dutch, Simplified Chinese, Korean, Japanese and Russian! This should cheer all you native speakers.


What’s New in Version 3.5:

1. AirSnap (Remote Capture using 2 iOS devices running Camera Plus).

2. Camera Plus is now Universal with complete compatibility with iPad.

3. Soft flash for the iPad.

4. AirDrop feature for sharing in supported devices.

5. Custom video recording for iPad is at 720p.

6. For Video Recording, users can now pause and resume while recording.

7. Localization to 10 different International languages like French, German, Italian etc.


We hope you love the new additions in this update. If you guys still haven’t given Camera Plus a go, download it for only $0.99! Visit the website or check out Camera Plus on the App Store. Also, reach us on Twitter and Facebook to let us know what you think!




Camera Plus Pro 5.0 – More Pro Per Click

March 14th, 2014



“Out with the blocky and staid. In with the clean and minimal.”


And with that we present to you the brand new version of Camera Plus Pro – The professional iPhone camera app that is loved by millions worldwide. Oh and say hello to the new logo! Quite handsome, isn’t it?

Camera Plus Pro 5.0 features a refreshed interface and crisp app graphics that is in line with iOS 7 and its translucent goodness. Moving forward from the uninspiring annals of iOS through the years, this new-gen update packs a punch with its impressive list of features, tools and additions. Apart from the grey hues oozing out sexiness, Camera Plus Pro brings Full-Resolution Image Editing, Separate Exposure and Focus Controls, An Exciting Yet Powerful Suite Of Editing Options, Super Smooth Video Recording and much much more!

Apart from the killer looks, we’ve also stuffed in some nifty new features for this update like iMessage Sharing, Copyright Imprints, Video Zooming For HD and Streamlined Options to Import and Export Captures. Camera Plus Pro also carries over the same professional touch that won it mass acclaim and global fame over the years. You get to view Live Filters, Tweak the Brightness, Saturation, Contrast etc. for photos, lock captures in a secure spot and share them to all the usual suspects like Instagram, Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, YouTube and more.

“Complete control over captures”

Camera Plus Pro, being the opportunistic soul that it is, takes full advantage of iOS 7 and all the spanking new technologies it brings to turn your iPhone into a potent photography device on the go. With brilliant capture controls, zippy navigation, refined workflow and effortless sharing, no subject is safe out there! The new Camera Plus Pro will excite you, tease you, please you, surprise you, fascinate you and make you fall in love with it in addition to taking excellent captures all day, everyday.

Now getting into the boring bits, we’d like to start off with the fact that this update is exclusive for iOS 7 and above (sorry iOS 6ers, you’re just going to have to bite the bullet and upgrade your devices!) And as a big thank you to all our loyal users, we’ve made this a free update to those on iOS 7. You know what that means! Now you get to play around with your iPhone and shoot like a pro all day long! So go out there. Explore the world and capture what you fancy.

“Faster. More Powerful. Pro” 

Take the all-new Camera Plus Pro for a spin and let us know what you think! We’d love to hear what you think of the new update and our brand new site. Do send us your comments, opinions, rants, remarks or buy us a pizza instead! Also follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get the latest updates, promotions and more.




Apponomics – The Curious Case Of The App Industry

March 1st, 2014


We thought we’d take a different turn this week and muse over  how this Multi-Billion Dollar works, in relation to some of principles cited by popular Economist Greg Mankiw and how they come to play in this crazy, high-octane world of apps. Let’s look at four principles that go into decision making via the three important stakeholders/pillars of this economy i.e. Users, Platforms and Developers


‘The Tradeoff’

For Users: The constant dilemma of paid vs free apps. The massive consumption of free apps comes with its own share of trade offs; obtrusions (in-apps,ads etc.), data privacy and security (enabling rights to access data).

For Developers: Theses come in the form of platform dependency. To embrace the entire app ecosystem or not. Each has its own merits/demerits and developing competencies across the board is a tough ask, even for the biggies. To begin with, a majority of new apps which make it big, hit iOS first more often that not.

For Platforms: Garnering market share against hardcore innovation has always been a tough call to take. Started back in 2008, Apple’s introduction of the App Store and the subsequent beginning of a new industry has made itself more attractive to developers than Google’s Android Play Store (2010 onwards) and the rest. By 2012 though, Android’s Play Store had surpassed the Apple App Store with more connected users and a higher number of apps and downloads; but the quality ones still start off on iOS.


‘The cost of something is what you give up to get it’

For Users: The opportunistic cost of ease of use vs actualisation. Apps like user generated content of public establishments compared vs the art of discovery and concept of personal.

For Developers: The lure of a multi-billion dollar industry churning out rags-to-riches often results in talented designers, developers and other employed professionals to leave their steady sources of income in pursuit of the holy-grail.

For Platforms: The creation of regulated marketplaces to crowdsource innovation has resulted in massive acquisitions, notably Whatsapp and Instagram and a dearth in true development, like the tacky new Samsung Galaxy S5 and Apple 5C.


‘Rational people think in terms of margin’

For Users: The seamless experience that come with paid apps vs delivering only individualistic opportunities.

For Developers: Creating a unique product experience with marginal improvements over time (updates) is sometimes a deliberate choice and not always due to technical limitations.

For Platforms: The restrictive or regulatory nature of App Stores (more specifically iOS) is a result of a rational measure to preserve the quality of apps at the expense of earning a few extra billions. At the end of the day, it is users and their engagement that makes Apple’s iOS the crème de la crème of the $25 billion plus App Industry. On the other hand are the likes of Android and the lot who are running towards plain numbers. Who survives is still a matter of debate amongst many with opinions evenly divided.


‘People respond to incentives’

For Users: The App industry has been the harbinger of tremendous ease of use lately (utilitarian as well as hedonistic). From highly engaging and fun titles like Angry Birds to game-changers like Evernote and CamScanner, people respond to new apps that incentivise more than the previous one.

For Developers: The lure of different platforms and technologies to explore hasn’t managed to lift Microsoft’s fortunes vis-a-vis Apple’s iOS. Then again, Apple creates a highly lucrative selling proposition for itself with its loyal user base.

For Platforms: The convergence of user choices and divergence of devices aplenty has made platform owners think and innovate faster. It took Apple nearly 5-6 years to ditch skeuomorphism and jump ship to the ‘flatter’ philosophy when it released iOS 7 as the incentive of maintaining its loyal fan base was far too big to ignore .


In hindsight, it’s funny just how this industry runs.