A Big Thank You From The GYV Team!

November 27th, 2014



Hola Peeps!

How are you’ll doing? Well, the festive month has begun and so has the excitement. Soon, we will all be busy shopping for Christmas gifts for our loved ones and that’s a pretty tough task, isn’t it?

But before any of us gets immersed in festivities, on this Thanksgiving, the team at Game Your Video wants to say a BiiGGGGG Thank You for being with us and for sharing your valuable feedback about the updates.

We understand some of our users are not happy with certain new features we have introduced in Game Your Video and that saddens us too. :(

We have taken various suggestions into account and are working on the same to ensure that we come up with solutions that make OUR USERS happy! We promise that we will not leave any stone unturned but we also expect that you will be patient and cooperate with us to help us become better!

Once again, Happy Thanksgiving to all and do enjoy a sumptuous turkey meal with your loved ones!


~ Team GYV



The Boom 2.0 Beta Program – Third And Final Beta Update!

November 26th, 2014

Boom 2.0 Beta 3


The Boom 2.0 Beta Program has been a success so far with almost 10,000 people signing up to experience the future of Boom. Today, the third and final beta is out and it introduces brand new audio effects while squashing several bugs that were present in the previous update.. This is the last beta in the Beta Program and the next iteration of Boom 2 that you shall see will be the final retail version. We’re really happy with how Boom 2.0 is turning out and the response has been fabulous.We appreciate each and every one of you who’ve helped out along the way and your feedback was more than valuable!

The 3rd beta brings cool audio effects that enhance the quality of audio coming out of your Mac. The two effects, Ambience and Fidelity, deliver an acoustic experience akin to actually being there when the sound is being played. They also come with a control slider to adjust the intensity of the effect.


AmbienceBe alive and feel the music around you with Ambience. Hear notes from every single angle and corner, making it a live performance like no other

FidelityBe here, there and everywhere with Fidelity. Listen to crisp and sharp tones while being surprised at how clear your Mac sounds!


In addition, this update brings several improvements based on the feedback received. We’ve ironed out bugs and smoothened out certain elements. Once again, we’re thankful to all you people for the suggestions.

The Boom 2.0 Beta Program will come to a close soon. If you’d like to be the first to know when Boom 2.0 is official, sign up on our website! You can reach us on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and G+ for any queries, issues, suggestions or anything else that catches your fancy. Happy Boomin’!


~ Siddharth


Boom 2.0 Beta Program – The 2nd Beta Is Out!

November 18th, 2014



We hope all you people out there have been having a pleasant experience with the first beta of Boom 2.0 so far. The community has been very helpful in sending us feedback with every minor detail being reported and being worked upon. After collecting data related to crashes and bugs, we’ve made changes and introduced a new feature in this new beta update that comes out today. Although we’ve tried to address all reported issues, we’re still working on some of them and they will be addressed real soon. Also, we received a really touching testimonial from a user and we just had to share it with all of you.

With the release of the 2nd beta, we’ve introduced finer audio controls for a more intricate equalizer experience.  You can find frequency constraint controls in the equalizer section. When using either the regular 10-band equalizer or the advanced one, you will be able to have better control over the bands. Clicking on the bass, mid and treble icons in the 10-band equalizer will allow you to simultaneously move the nodes present under that category simultaneously.

Under ‘Advanced’, you’ll be able control and move all the frequencies at once that are categorized under bass, mid or treble. This gives a more precise and pro-like setting for you to make the most of. You also have a slider to the right of the equalizer that can be used to shift entire presets up and down in one go.

When this feature is ON, you can select a node. Next, all nodes in the same category will go up or down in proportion to the moves made.

Apart from this, there are several improvements that have been carried out in other areas. We’ve further polished the app in terms of audio and this is where we’d like to share what Mr. Ronald Norton, a veteran from the US Air Force, had to say about Boom 2.0 helping him out.


Hello, I have a few medical issues that Boom 2.0 helps me greatly. I am a Viet Nam era veteran of the US Air Force and I have a problem with my hearing. It is not just about getting more volume but the actual pitch of the volume that really helps me. I used your app with Bass Boost and it actually helps without causing other issues. I can’t speak for everybody, but I can speak of my own experience. I have PTSD and TBI from a brain infection and I am “100% Permanently and Totally Service-Connected Disabled.” Some applications just add volume and for me, that would be a total disaster. One of the residual impacts of the brain infection is that I am now an epileptic with grand mal seizures and the strange thing is what triggers them. For me, it can be as simple as an odor or scent, flickering light or certain types of sound. The important thing is that type of sound or the pitch of the sound, these are all important in helping the medication to prevent the grand mal seizures. Thank you for this opportunity to share my perspective on the use of your application. 


Ronald Norton


We’re really happy that Boom has helped Mr. Norton in his everyday life and it only motivates us further in developing products that make a difference. Boom isn’t just about loud audio anymore. Boom 2.0 takes Mac acoustics into the future with added emphasis on the quality of audio that it churns out.

So download the beta 2 of Boom 2.0 and let us know what you think. Send us your feedback, bug reports and anything else you come across in this update. Oh, and if you still haven’t signed up for the Boom 2.0 Beta Program, register now! We’re also available on Facebook, Twitter, G+ and Linkedin if you need to reach us. Happy Boomin’!


~ Siddharth



Camera Plus 4.1 – Now Even Better!

November 12th, 2014

4.1 for Camera Plus


Camera Plus has seen itself updated to v4.1 and the new version further polishes this App Store favorite. Coinciding with the release of iOS 8, Camera Plus with AirSnap came out with a brand new experience that would change the way you and I shoot photos and videos. With newly announced features like Handoff, Extensions etc. making their way into the app, it went on to feature in App Stores around the world. We couldn’t be any happier and none of this would’ve been possible without your patronage. So a massive thanks to all users!

Moving on, v4.1 brings subtle changes to should further streamline the entire experience. Some of the major improvements include support for ‘Focus Pixels’ on the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, Touch ID support to lock and unlock captures on the iPad mini 3 and iPad Air 2 and other under-the-hood changes that you’ll notice when using the app. We hope you people update ASAP and take the app out for a spin. Do let us know if you come across any bugs or issues. We shall incorporate them in the upcoming update.


Major improvements: 

- Ability to rotate Text applied on images using gestures

- Supports ‘Focus Pixels’ for smooth video recording on the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

- Touch ID support for iPad mini 3 and iPad Air 2 when accessing the Private Folder

- When using Camera Plus in Photos Extension, the status shows you the features already applied


 AirSnap improvements:

- UI and UX improvements

- The Volume shutter is enabled by default

- Single tap and long tap gestures to zoom in AirSnap

- It’s now easier to exit preview on the remote camera – pinch, pan, rotate and single-tap gestures


For the full list of changes, please visit Camera Plus with AirSnap on the App Store.


If you haven’t given Camera Plus a shot yet, you’re missing out! We’ve always got an ear out for anything you have to say. Please reach out to us on Facebook, Twitter, G+ and Linkedin. Oh, and if you’re enjoying the app, do rate us on the App Store ;)


~ Siddharth




Stryke 1.0 Launches Worldwide!

November 12th, 2014




After a soft launch in 7 countries, we are delighted to announce version 1.0 of ‘Stryke – Tap the fun’, a fun and simple way to connect with your loved ones using split-second looping videos. Stryke lets you experience the social world in a fun and personal way. We’re positive users will find the app extremely enjoyable in making hilarious clips on a daily basis as everything’s as simple as a tap.


Simplicity is king

Stryke is made to be as simple and easy as possible. Share anything from your best to your most humiliating foot-in-mouth memories with friends and family with just a tap! Any action – a dance move, high fives, a sly glance or a dog wagging its tail gets captured into a loop video and gives you your instant dose of funny; nothing amusing can ever be missed out!


Talk more with unique emoticons

Sometimes, words just aren’t enough to express yourself the way you want to. It might be one of those days when you just don’t have much to talk about but want to stay connected. Sure, you can type in your message but who wants to read an essay on whether or not you’re happy?

Say more than what you want to with talking emoticons that liven up the entire conversation!


Love it? Spread it!

Sharing and watching funny stories can make anybody’s day. It’s in our roots to watch viral videos on a daily basis and Stryke makes it easier to share and view your videos with just a tap. You can share them privately with friends who already use Stryke, or you can use various other apps that support sharing videos from your gallery.


Save and Share

Being able to think of various different conversations to use your videos in is a neat convenience in Stryke that lets you keep up with your hilarious pals always stealing your punch line! Save them in your camera roll and send them to your friends as many times as you like!


Anonymity in a world filled with peeping toms

We’ve all come across that obsessed girlfriend who checks what time you were last online. Even parents have begun taking advantage of the Internet to keep track of their kids. One of Stryke’s awesome features lets you add that extra zing of mischief by allowing an ‘anonymous’ avatar that keeps your identity hidden in a group conversation. Reveal your best friend’s secrets or proclaim love to your crush and watch the fun unfold!



Users loved the concept of Stryke and you can check out a few interesting stories created by them hereDownload Stryke and become an instant hit amongst your gang. Capture priceless expressions with Stryke and share them with your friends to keep the humor cooking!