Drop That Shutter – Let The World See Your iPhone Clicks!

October 20th, 2014




The art of photography is going places and elevating the idea of propagating messages through a simple lens. With October 20th being celebrated as ‘Mobile Photography Day’, Camera Plus has dipped in it’s paws and come out with the ‘Drop That Shutter’ contest. All you nice people out there; this is your chance to capture something special and get rewarded for it!


Drop That Shutter’ is celebrating the experience that is photography; anytime, anywhere.  We’ve chosen ‘Travel’, ‘Lifestyle’ and F&B’ as they reflect the sights and sounds that you and me both come across on a daily basis. Simply capture what you fancy and make sure it is associated with one of the three categories. You guys can also send multiple entries across all categories. Remember, all you need to do is to properly caption them when submitting and make sure they fall under the size limit. One winner will be chosen from each category and an overall winner will also be chosen for the grand prize. Visit the webpage to see how you can enter the contest!


So start your engines, fire that shutter and let the good times roll. You can know more about Camera Plus on it’s website or by visiting it’s App Store page. Also, if you guys have any question, feel free to talk to us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Linkedin. Happy clickin’!






How Would You Like Your Music? – Binary or Throaty?

October 11th, 2014



What is music? Is it the sound that you sway along to or does it simply reflect a set of notes that you simply digest? Music and record consumption has come a long way, from the days of the gramophone to the bits of digital music floating around. With everything being shunted to fit the ‘portable’ paradigm today, there are growing whispers that musicians are starting to feel the repercussions. They simply feel that the heart and soul that they’ve put into creating the record is starting to wane due to ruthless compression algorithms in use all over the industry today. MP3’s and online streaming is only the tip of the iceberg and recording artists feel that technology can and should play a bigger role in delivering quality music across.


Recently, a documentary titled ‘The Distortion of Sound’ touched upon the exact same concerns. With well-known figures like Snoop Lion and Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park were unanimous in their belief that the true meaning behind their art is being whitewashed during transit. They argue that vinyl’s and CD’s were miles ahead in their delivery of notes and bars whereas the digital revolution hasn’t exactly worked out it’s place.


Music players and stereos have always played their part in our upbringing and they will continue to do so, more so differently in the upcoming decades. Music is now seen as more of a ‘personal’ thing whereas the 60’s and 70’s encouraged it to be enjoyed in groups and communities as a whole. The amount of music being heard these days is also high. It could simply end up leading to an overload of melodies to remember and the appreciate factor starts to decrease.


Internet radio services like Pandora and Spotify have only fed this fad of anytime, anywhere music and these tracks are super compressed as online content delivery systems survive purely based on bandwidth. With millions of songs ready to be deployed and a whole catalogue of genres available at the touch of a button, consumers have never had it this good.


The future, as always, will be a curious place for all of us to be in. With the rouse of technology slowly making its way into the personal lives of everyone, there surely must be a smarter way of experiencing the emotion that is music. Only time will tell if progress has been made, for mankind is simply vibrations that are in sync with the cosmos.


We’re purveyors of an audio experience that ring in quality acoustics. Check out what Boom for Mac can do to deliver a satisfying system-wide rollercoaster ride with loud and clear music. Plain and simple.





~ Siddharth



The Original Camera Plus – Half A Decade Of Captivating Photography!

October 1st, 2014




Wow. We still can’t believe how far we’ve got. From the travails of releasing Camera Plus into the App Store to being a perennial favorite, five years have whizzed past! Today, we’d like to make a toast to this incredible journey spanning half a decade. This is the one and only Camera Plus in all its glory.


 What’s in a name?

The App Store is a bazaar that never stops buzzing. With developers from all over clamoring their wares, getting noticed becomes a task. You either have a killer app or you don’t; rehashing popular apps and peddling them with the slightest of modifications doesn’t take you anywhere. We wanted a name that stood for delivering something more than what the default camera was capable of. Hence the word ‘Plus’ came into the picture as it communicates the endless capture possibilities to users. Camera Plus was the first camera app to release with the name and thereabouts. Everything else that came later remain just that – fashionably ‘a little too’ late. Today, there are several namesakes out there trumpeting their name including ‘Camera+’ and several others. We’re just flattered with this and couldn’t be any happier. After all, imitation is the best form of flattery, right?


The roller coaster ride

When Camera Plus released in October 2009, it was lapped up in a period when smartphone photography was just gaining traction. Camera Plus was the first camera app to conform to Apple’s App review standards by utilizing the given APIs. It also introduced a Digital Zoom and Soft-Flash on the iPhone 3G and 3GS. Later, Camera Plus popularized video recording with the Zoom feature, absent on the iPhone 3G at the time. Pretty cool, isn’t it? To think of the state of smartphone photography back then compared to the intense scrutiny placed on cameras today! We engaged in finding newer ways of expanding the scope of the camera and while downloads were hitting the roof back then. We certainly knew our sole aim of offering something unique and truly spectacular was coming true.


The unwavering motto

Camera Plus has its USP rooted in the fact that photography needn’t be all work and no play. “We wanted to offer users an experience to remember; simplifying the concept of mobile photography and not just cramming feature upon feature in the hope that people will lap it up. That’s why you see pro-capture controls like exposure control (Lumy) and focus modes presented in a format users will instantly adapt to,” said Dhruvika Cornelius, who worked on polishing and delivering on the fabulous User Experience.

Today, Camera Plus is still at the forefront of innovation with features like ‘AirSnap’ grabbing the headlines. With 27.5 million downloads and counting, Camera Plus is in the game to innovate until there’s no tomorrow! The concept of remote photography is now in the hands of everyone with an experience unlike any other. Camera Plus was also one of the select few camera apps around the world to feature along with the official public release of iOS 8! Be prepared to see much more of it in the coming months with loads of enhancements and truly innovative features in the pipeline. Exciting times ahead, indeed!

Read our blog to know the entire journey!


To commemorate the five-year anniversary we’ve decided to offer a 50% discount for a limited time. Get it while it lasts and see how beautiful an experience the original Camera Plus provides. You can also reach us on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Google+.


~ Siddharth 



Boom 1.9.2 – Yosemite Beta Compatibility and New Localizations

September 24th, 2014


Boom 1.9.2 update



Sup Boomers? Amidst all the noise emanating from the release of the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus came a whiplash of rumors pointing to (hopeful, might we add) Yosemite’s availability and all its abstract goodness. Being inundated with requests of an update to support 10.10, we moved in quickly to cater to all our zealous and brilliant users. We’re thankful that Boom has always had a loyal following and who better to ask to test it out before letting the update out into the wild.And so today marks the release of v1.9.2, something that plays well with the latest public beta 3 of Yosemite.


Starting out, we decided to let people running Yosemite’s public beta have a copy of Boom’s beta so that we could get a bigger picture of all the various issues that users were facing. After weeks of intensive conversations back-and-forth and a whole lotta testing, we came to a satisfactory conclusion. So a big shoutout to all of you who helped us.


Let’s get down to business now. First up, Boom 1.9.1 didn’t play nice with the betas of Yosemite. It had all sorts of issues related to installation and other random crashes. Another annoyance was that in order to make changes in this new version, we had to strip OS X 10.7 support so as to be able to make the requisite update work. Sorry about that, folks! But fret not, those needing an older version compatible with 10.7 can always contact us for it. Boom now looks stable on Yosemite and seems to be solid on our test systems.


This new update works well in systems running the latest public beta 3 of Yosemite. However, those running only a specific version of Mavericks ( 10.9.4) seem to be facing some issues with this copy. If you’re one of them, update to the latest Mavericks (10.9.5) and everything should be cool. Another awesome change in this new update is that Boom speaks five new languages. That’s right, Boom can now converse in Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Korean and Dutch.


We hope you guys have fun with latest Boom. Please contact us at boom@globaldelight.com for feedback or a friendly chat. Also, reach us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Linkedin. We’re listening!



~ Siddharth



Camera Plus 4 With AirSnap on iOS 8 Will Rock Your World!

September 18th, 2014

Camera Plus 4 with AirSnap



We’ve gotta be honest with you guys. We’ve decked Camera Plus up like it’s the prom and iOS 8 it’s date for this special occasion. Before we ruin their evening, let us take you through all the fancy features and improvements that have made their way into the all-new Camera Plus 4. Tuck yourself in!

September 9th, 2014 probably knocked the socks off you guys. The release of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus looks to have answered the prayers of those craving for a phablet sized bite of the apple. No wonder that Apple racked up a cool 4 Million pre-orders inside the first 24 hours after its release. Impressive, no doubt. All things considered, Apple looks like they’ve got everything under control, for now. Going beyond all the hullabaloo, it’s what is inside that really matters and what has us most excited are the capabilities of the new iSight camera that has a lot of bells and whistles with it this time.

The all-new Camera Plus 4 is out to make the most of this and offer you guys an experience that will keep you coming back for more. Oh, we’re serious all right! We’ve rounded out the best features from professional cameras and cajoled them into joining Camera Plus. Of course, the USP of Camera Plus has always been to give all of you an apt replacement for the default camera app. A million features isn’t the way to go and only a fool would think so. We’ve always strived to include features that only aid you when capturing that priceless shot without overwhelming the moment with unheard of tools. Isn’t it awesome that Camera Plus simplifies all high-end features like exposure and focus into just slides and taps?

This is why stuff like Lumy (super simple ‘Exposure’ control), Photo Focus Modes (photos crisper than a chip) and Pix’d (auto photo-enhancement with one tap) has been a hit with all users. So, moving along, let’s get started on the new features and additions, shall we?



Some handpicked features in the new Camera Plus 4:



  • Get the fullscreen experience on the remote device. The camera and remote control device need to be on iOS 8 for fullscreen to work
  • Access to Photo & Video Focus Modes, Lumy – Intelligent Exposure Control and Zoom



  • FAMILY SHARING – Compatible for use by member devices, making it perfect for use in AirSnap etc.
  • EXTENSIONS – Use Camera Plus’ photo editing features including Pix’d, Filters and Text via the default Photos app
  • HANDOFF — Automatically initiate AirSnap on another device that has your iCloud account logged in
  • DIRECT DELETION – Delete captures in the Photos app directly from Camera Plus. Deleted captures can be found in the Photos app trash
  • NON-DESTRUCTIVE EDITING – Edit photos and re-edit/alter the applied effects later
  • SHARE BETWEEN iOS AND MAC – Instantly transfer captures between iOS and Mac (requires OS X 10.10) using AirDrop


Also included,

  • New Video Focus Modes – Auto and Shift
  • Lumy is now improved and supports ‘Default’ (HD) video recordings
  • New photo editing tools have been added – Shadow, Highlight and Fade
  • Locked Roll now supports Touch ID to lock and unlock


And much more!                                    





AirSnap ~ Now All That!


Starting things off, AirSnap is now even better at capturing photos and videos remotely with. As you guys know, AirSnap lets you use any two iOS devices to remotely capture stuff. You get to use one device as a wireless camera and the other becomes a remote control that you can use as a detonator. Yeah, bombs included. Pretty neat, eh? Camera Plus 4 upgrades this experience to a whole new level with a fullscreen live view on the remote device. No more squirming to know how things are in front of the camera. Also included are access to Lumy, Photo Focus Modes and Zoom for a complete photo and video capture adventure.


iOS 8 ~ Finally Letting Loose


With the alluring new iOS comes flexibility that’s never been seen before. Gimmicks? Useful niches? We’ll let you be the judge. We’ve taken the best of the lot and integrated em’ into Camera Plus. Handoff. Check. AirDrop Sharing between Mac and iOS. Check. Extensions. Check. Flexible Editing. Check. 3D Printing. Check. Not! Almost got you there :-) . Handoff looks like it’s going to be getting a lot of action this time as it can be used to initiate AirSnap on the second device instantly. Have fun, lazy bums! Also in the fray are extensions and extended AirDrop sharing. Get a dose of Camera Plus’ features within the default Photos app with extensions and send files between your Mac and iOS device instantly using AirDrop. The icing on the cake however is Family Sharing. Allow your near and dear ones to grab Camera Plus so that AirSnap becomes a family affair. You can also delete captures in the default Photos app from within Camera Plus.


Focus SHift Video Focus Modes


Video Focus Modes ~ Le Directeur


With Camera Plus 4, you now get to shoot videos and bring subjects in and out of focus. ‘Shift’ allows you to separate the rest of the scene into the background, thus creating super cinematic effects. Don’t blame us if you start skipping school or work and run around your backyard all day to film your next blockbuster.


The Stalwarts ~ Now Wiser and Awesomer!?


The wise men of Camera Plus like Lumy, Pix’d and Photo Focus Modes have evolved into super-intelligent beings. Kinda like how that freckled classmate of yours grew up to be drop dead gorgeous. Lumy has been enhanced to record videos in both 720p and 1080p HD modes. It also takes in all parameters like Bias and more that the new camera lens now allows for. We’re hard-pressed to say more because you guys have to use it to see how beautiful these new improvements make photos and videos look. All right, get moving now!


So there you have it. We’ve laid everything out for you to experience. Start a fire, bring down the government or do whatever it is that you do in your spare time. But do make sure to take the new Camera Plus 4 for a spin by checking it out on the App Store. We promise it’ll be loads of fun as always. Do meet up with us on Twitter, Facebook, G+ or Linkedin if you’d like to chat. We’re listening!



 ~ Siddharth