The 2014 Rad School Offer – Contests, Discounts and Giveaways Galore!

July 14th, 2014


Rad School Offer




With the holidays well underway and the (nauseating?) prospect of sitting through classes looming, we’ve got something to turn that frown upside down. Say hello to ‘The 2014 Rad School Offer’; contests, discounts, Giveaways – It’s a carnival out here!

The sound of waves crashing and that indomitable feeling of summer is something we look forward to every year. Sneaking in to add some zest before the hallowed doors of schools reopen is our annual promotion that has something in store for everyone.


Apple Prizes Contests


The 2014 Rad School Offer has 3 things going for it. There’s a weekly contest with prizes, half off discounts and a raffle to win a MacBook Air. And the good news is that none of these involve rocket science!

We’re giving away iTunes Gift Cards and iPad minis for those who ace our contest challenges. It’s wicked fun to play, trust us :-) . All you need to do in order to take part is to head to our Facebook and Twitter pages. We’ve got 4 different questions for 4 weeks; the more you impress us with your creativity, the rad-der!


Contest Rules


The best part, however, is that we’re giving away Boom Volume Booster and Voila Screen Capture Tool at an incredible discount of 50%. This is on both versions – Mac App Store and Global Delight Webstore.

Boom ($3.99 instead of $6.99) is a necessity for every Mac as it literally makes everything louder. Netflix, YouTube, Spotify and anything else you play online or offline.

Voila ($14.99 instead of $29.99) can capture anything onscreen. You can snap images, HD videos and play around with them before sharing them easily. Create beautiful and informative courseware, lessons etc., make DIY videos and capture concerts! Simple is an understatement here.

To top all this off, there will be a sweet sweepstakes raffle! One lucky winner will be selected at random and he/she will get a MacBook Air to flaunt. This is open to everyone. So share this amongst your peeps and see how it goes!



We’d love for you guys to visit our webpage to learn more about The 2014 Rad School Offer. You can also read more about Voila and Boom to see what they’re truly capable of. Have a Rad-tastic summer ahead!


Boom & Voila – Your New Wingmen In School!





Effectively Troubleshoot And Communicate Issues With Voila

July 5th, 2014



“I’ve got this recurring issue where the Internet keeps bailing out on me every few minutes or so. Could you help me out here?”


“Please head into ‘System Preferences’ and renew the DHCP lease. You should be good to go.”



Biting your nails because of some inexplicable error message that keeps popping up. Check.

Finding it a herculean task to walk someone through and get your point across. Check.


What a wonderfully weird world we live in. Constantly outpaced by technology at every turn and with no end in sight with regards to complexity. There are instances where we just can’t help but be slaves to what our machines dictate; the crashes, the vulnerabilities and the bugs. The biggest fallacy of them all is the process of receiving support to tide over them. Clicked on something you shouldn’t have? It’s your fault. Trying to explain something that can resolve it? Good luck with that.


The fulcrum of this situation is a mish mash of stuff designed to confuse the best of us. Adding to the agony is the lack of a readily available method of receiving timely solutions. Tech support may have all the answers but what about all the commoners who make up the majority of the Interweb? We can’t make lofty promises to cure this madness, although there are some simple tips that may help you get the best out of your troubleshooting experience. This holds good for people on both ends.


Voila annotations




Thankfully, there are some simple methods you can follow to eke the most out of your screenshots. After all, these captures make up the majority of exchanges between you and the helpful techies. Tools like arrows/connectors, callouts and shapes. These say much more than what we can express, part of the ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’ analogy.


Arrows with Voila


Shapes with Voila


Voila can be your best friend when it comes to lending a helping hand here. Blessed with a supreme set of annotation tools and one-click sharing options, you should be on your way in no time. This is the easiest way to share representations of your issues and get a satisfactory explanation in response. You can even blur out portions of screenshots that you deem unnecessary using the ‘Blur’ tool.

If you still haven’t gotten the Voila experience, do give it a shot! It’s easy, intuitive and fun-to-use. Also, hit us up on Facebook and Twitter. We love hearing from ya.  








#WWDC14 – Will The Developers Please Stand Up?

June 11th, 2014




Another year, another slew of changes. Oh Apple, you’ve finally heard us and let loose.


Before we dive into what we thought about this year’s developer conference, let us breathe a sigh of collective relief. The world is now a better place and we can go back to our daily lives.

Starting last week and for years to come, June 2nd will be remembered as the day Apple finally softened its iron claw-like clutches; albeit in a cautious manner, but good enough for a start. The cornerstone of the show was undoubtedly iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite, the latter getting its first major visual revamp in ages. Yet, the unsung hero who takes home the award will be Cupertino’s stance that now gives developers much more freedom.


Mac OS X Yosemite


First things first, Apple did a solid this time with the OS X overhaul. Even the fabled iOS operating system got a shot of brawns to go with its previously bestowed looks. The SVP of Software Engineering, Mr. Craig Federighi, did a commendable job of showcasing Yosemite; from the improved ‘Spotlight’ to the now super-functional ‘Safari’. And yes, ‘Handoff’, the swell new feature that lets you swap tasks between the phone and the desktop, will no doubt be lapped up by users who live and breathe Apple.


Apple Handoff


iOS 8 too got a brilliant selection of additions that raise the user experience to an entirely new level. ‘HealthKit’, the fitness focused framework and ‘HomeKit’, the home automation protocol that integrates devices with each other more seamlessly, is on course to change the way we interact with our mobiles. All this is good news for the end user. But what about the catalysts, the enablers, the facilitators; the devs?

If the unusually casual demeanor during the presentation wasn’t a dead giveaway, then maybe the onstage antics of Mr. Federighi might have given you a hint. There was an air of informality that felt alien. Whenever Steve Jobs took center stage, you knew that everything would be executed with a razor-like precision, unravelling everything with a raised-eyebrow. The mantra was simple; no dilly-dallying around, no beating around the bush. This year’s WWDC almost felt like a swansong that was meant to usher in a new era of Apple.




Apart from the unveilings and releases, there was something else that opened up an entirely new channel into Apple and its plans for the future – Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). With no less than 4000 new sets of code, this is the first major step the company has taken to open itself up and further its presence at a time when it is being criticized for a slowdown in sales and expectations. Thus introduced were several changes that put developers on the driving seat. Introduced was a new programming language called ‘Swift’, a supposed attempt at involving first-timers and amateurs in the app building ecosystem. Building upon this newfound lease of life, Apple has also released ‘Metal’, a game-focused framework that allows programs for the iPhone and iPad to possess much richer graphical detail. Also thrown into the mix is a bevy of iCloud services and integration, notably for the iOS Photos app and a new version of Xcode.

The signs are encouraging. The tides are turning. The onus is now on the developers.


Folks, say hello to the new Apple.






Voila Lovin’ – Straight From The Users

June 9th, 2014


Voila User Love


Ah, there’s always something refreshing about some good ol’ testimonials that come straight from a satisfied customer. In this day and age of overproduced and overhyped hoopla, a genuine tale of satisfaction always sends down a trickle of joy that otherwise cannot be experienced; especially for us Developers. We’ve rounded up some stories that showcase their appreciation for Voila and how it has helped them, minus all the flashy marketing jargon and gimmicks.

We have customers who’ve jumped ship from other products, either due to the sheer tediousness associated with capturing stuff using or simply because Voila presented a more compact, intuitive and enjoyable screen capture experience.  Whatever may be the reason, our users find Voila extremely time-saving, convenient and most of all, essential. All these stories are unedited and straight from the heart (nope, they aren’t cheesy :-) ).


Our first one is from Howard, who uses Voila regularly and feels that Voila can do so much more!


I use it daily. It compares well with ‘Snagit’ (I use a PC at work), and it is probably better than ‘Snagit’ considering the video capability. I need to climb the learning curve more. I am still learning its use and need to read the user guide (hot keys, and other stuff). I think this is an excellent product and I think I will like it more as I get to know the tricks.


Howard Tempro 


P.S. – I just subscribed to your YouTube channel. There are features in this product that I wasn’t aware of that really impress me. I don’t think there is another product at this price that is at this level. Totally excellent!



This comes in from Marjie, who absolutely is thrilled to bits as Voila saved her from a potential project disaster.



I have to capture screen shots and recorded screen captures daily. Voila has transformed my workflow. I was using Evernote’s ‘Skitch’. But it was a bit cumbersome, and they removed the ability to choose font styles for annotation from the latest version, which was madness. There was uproar in the Skitch discussion groups. Someone suggested VOILA so I tried it. It was a no brainer to JUST BUY IT. I look forward to playing with it when I have some free time to try out all the features. It’s very intuitive. I was able to download it, dive right in and easily finish a project that was in jeopardy of not making the deadline.


Thanks for being geniuses,





And finally, we’ve got one from Mike, who uses Voila to capture all his videos so that he can manage them better.

I bought Voila primarily to capture videos from YouTube. I play Bluegrass music and there are thousands of great videos that I would rather not have to search for each time. I like the idea of a menu bar at the top. Very convenient!


Mike Mears

Life’s too short to play a bad guitar



Some brilliant feedback there from our happy users. You guys really should play with Voila to see how useful it really is. Beneath the gargantuan list of features is a soft comforting corner that just gets the job done; effectively and efficiently. For more news, updates, promos, connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Linkedin. We’d love to talk. Goodday!






Camera Plus With AirSnap: Have A Bird’s Eye View With Real-Time Preview

May 23rd, 2014

AirSnap with Real-Time Preview



Howdy Camera Plus’ers!

Today marks the release of a new update (v.3.6) and making its bow is ‘Real-Time Preview’ for AirSnap and a host of other additions. For those in the dark, Camera Plus comes with ‘AirSnap’ – A magical way to capture photos and videos remotely with 2 iOS 7 devices using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. When this was first introduced, you had the freedom to set up one device as the Camera and the other becomes a remote control that you can use to capture photos and videos. But with this update, we’ve upped the experience by including a live preview of everything that’s going on in front of the camera device.

What this essentially means is that the remote control device now shows a live feed/stream of what you’d see if you peered through the camera! A pretty big deal considering you can adjust and make little changes before committing to that priceless group selfie, eh? This should come in handy in a lot of situations like travel and adventure photography, group shots, candid captures of your pets and much more!

Another very useful feature that’s been added is the ‘Refocus’ option. This is present on the remote control device and allows you to set the focus/lighting before the capture. A good thing to have, especially when you want perfection.

Camera Plus is now 64-bit compatible. You will see major gains, especially when switching between photo and video modes, the front and rear camera and also when saving captures (Note: Only for compatible devices). Last but not least, the new update can now send much longer videos via email. We were able to attach clips that contain around 5 minutes of HD video and much longer lower quality ones. Now don’t go bugging your friends and family with videos of your shenanigans, fails and much more :-) .

There are several other improvements that have made their way into this new release, including a special one for the iPad. Take the app out for a spin and shoot some killer captures, remotely!


What’s New in Version 3.6:

1. Live Preview On The Remote Control Device.

2. Adjust Focus in AirSnap With ‘Refocus’.

3. 64-bit Compatibility For Supported Devices.

4. Send Longer Videos via Email.

5. ‘Pinch Out’ To Library View:

6.  Access Photo Stream Albums

7. Other fixes and improvements.


You can read more about Camera Plus on the App Store and at the site. We’re also here listening to what you guys have to say, so reach us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Linkdin. If you’d like to reach us the old-fashioned way, you can shoot a mail to Good Day peeps!