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Be among the first to enjoy Boom 3D on Windows!
*This version is currently compatible
only with Windows 10

Personalize Your Audio Experience.

Boom 3D calibrates the sound of your movies, music, videos and games to deliver an incredible audio experience that you have never experienced on Windows before!

Immersive 3D Surround Sound

Boom 3D is powered by its patent-pending 3D Surround Audio Engine that offers a true virtual audio experience on ANY headphones.
Turn up the bass or make it lower, get your desired bass level with this neatly designed toggle bar.

Handcrafted Equalizer Presets

The dotingly crafted Equalizer presets bring you the power to shape your sound at your fingertips.

Amazing Audio Effects

The exquisite one-click Audio Effects can add an extra dimension to all your audios!
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*This version is currently compatible
only with Windows 10
NOTE: This BETA version is valid only up to July 30th.
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