The Best System-Wide Audio Booster and Equalizer For Mac
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Boom 2 is popular worldwide for its audio-enhancing qualities. This OS X Yosemite exclusive can boost Mac volume on a system-wide level and equalize it.

Personalised Audio for your Mac

Every Mac is personal. Boom 2 makes sure you experience audio that is tailored for your Mac, and yours only!

System-Wide Audio Boost

Boom 2 enhances every sound to make your Mac’s speakers sound louder, clearer and better. This is perfect for use with Spotify, iTunes, Netflix etc.

Controlled Boost

A toggle-friendly Controlled Boost feature gives an intelligent control over the system’s audio output. Now adjust the volume to achieve an optimum experience without worrying about the excessively high volume on your Mac.

Precise Equalizers

Enable presets from a wide selection of equalizers (Pop, Movie, Treble etc.) or set up your own with the help of 10-band and advanced equalisers.

Amazing Audio Effects

Boom 2 comes with audio effects that enhance the quality of sound. Choose from Ambience and Fidelity to enter a world of brilliant Mac audio.

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