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70%off Avail Now

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Boom 3D for Mac brings in the best of your Mac’s audio output with its incredible 3D
surround sound that works on any headphone for a Booming experience.

Why is Boom Unique?

With its innovative 3D audio technology, Boom can completely transform the way you listen to music or watch movies. Normal stereo audio has a very limited specialness with left and right sound sources and hence feels less realistic. Boom with its unique sound staging algorithm extracts audio components from stereo track and adds incredible spatial effects by creating virtual sound sources to make audio listening on headphones magical and extremely realistic.

Experience Immersive Audio

Change the Way You Listen

Boom is available on all platforms

Boom 2 for Mac

The Root of All Good Audio
Maximize your Mac’s built in audio with Boom 2’s intelligent algorithm. This predecessor of Boom 3D offers a range of different equalizer presets and audio effects while it supports older Mac OS (v10.10 and later). Boom 2 has created an audio revolution with its best volume booster. Enjoy enhanced audio experience with this system-wide speaker booster.
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OS X v10.10 and later
What Media says about us
  • Sin lugar a dudas una aplicación a tener en cuenta tanto por los amantes de la buena m úsica como aquellos que juegan mucho a videojuegos. Notarán la mejora del audio al instante sin ningún tipo de fórmula mágica
  • Durch das unauffällige Interface mit Hilfe eines kleinen Symbols in der Menüleiste des Rechners und zahlreichen Konfigurationsmöglichkeiten ist Boom 2 ein tolles kleines Helferlein,das sicher vielen Nutzern einiges an Mehrwert bieten kann
  • Entre sus herramientas tenemos un ecualizador avanzado, efectos de audio y en definitiva un mayor control para que podamos ajustar cada frecuencia y así poder optimizar el audio.
  • Boom est très convaincant par contre avec son égaliseur par défaut adapté à votre Mac. Ce réglage fourni par léditeur améliore vraiment le son et permet de mieux entendre la musique, sans trop en faire.
  • С Boom 2 ситуация кардинально меняется, ведь приложение умеет не только подбирать оптимальные конкретно для вашей модели настройки эквалайзера, но и увеличивает громкость динамиков без хрипов и потерь в качестве звучания.
  • It truly feels right at home on Apples new OS; almost like Apple designed it.
  • Il software è a ogni in modo in grado di accontentare i più esigenti, permettendo di impostare dettagliatamente effetti e filtri amplificando/attenuando vari parametri relativi alle frequenze.
  • Una de las principales ventajas de esta aplicación es que amplifica el sonido en el sistema, esto quiere decir que si visualizas un vídeo en Youtube o escuchas música en iTunes, el sonido se verá amplificado también.
  • Der jetzt in Version 2.0 erschienene System-Helfer ist in der Lage alle System-Klänge zu verstärken und bietet darüber hinaus einen Equalizer an, mit dem sich Bässe, Mitten und Höhen an den eigenen Geschmack anpassen lassen.
  • Boom remains a must-have utility for me on my Mac laptop, and its improvements make it all the better.
  • Boom 2 doet wat het belooft. Het geluid van de ingebouwde speakers in een Mac gaat er echt beter door klinken. Na eenmalig instellen heb je geen omkijken meer naar de app.
  • It does a great job of enhancing the audio on the tiny, junky speakers youll find on smaller MacBooks.
Experience magical 3D surround sound on your smart iPhones and iPads! Get high quality music experience on any set of headphones along with handcrafted Equalizer Presets for superior control to fine tune and customize your music, your way!
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