Compare Boom 2 and Boom 3D
Compare key features across versions and discover what's new in Boom 3D!
System-Wide Volume Booster Personalized & Calibrated Personalized & Calibrated
Readymade Equalizers Presets
3D Surround Sound
Application Volume Controller
Advanced Audio Player
Intensity Slider
Bass Control
Custom Equalizer Control 10-band & 31-Band Advanced Equalizers 10-band & 31- Band Advanced Equalizers
Companion Remote App Yes. Free Download on iTunes App Yes. Uniquely Tailored Audio Free Download on iTunes App
File Audio Boosting
One-Click Audio Effects
Customized Audio for YOUR Mac Yes. Uniquely Tailored Audio Yes. Uniquely Tailored Audio
Option to Manage Devices
64-bit Compatible for Max. Efficiency
Mac OS X Compatibility 10.10.3 and Later Yosemite 10.10.and Later
Free Trial 30 Days 7 Days
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