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With October being the month of all things smartphone photography, Camera Plus is giving all you guys an opportunity to show your capture skills off! Send over your best clicks using an iOS device like an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch that fall under the theme of ‘Lifestyle’, ‘Travel’ or ‘Food & Beverage’ and we’ll make sure the best ones get the recognition they deserve. Winners stand to receive some swell prizes!

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The Subjects

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Everyday Treats

Wear your heart on your sleeve and paint a picture of who you really are!

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Food & Beverage

Food Porn

Make everyone jealous before you indulge yourself. Love can be found in the most unexpected cutlery.

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Make the world your playground and capture its true essence. After all, sights and sounds maketh the place.

Contest Rules

  1. Your masterpiece should be shot using an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch
  2. Editing can be done using any app on the device. No external touches please
  3. You can enter all three categories with the applicable photographs
  4. The best entries will be judged by Bobby Joshi and it is final
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The Judge

Based out of Bangalore in India, Bobby Joshi is a renowned traveller who loves shooting nature and its unbounded beauty. His stories on canvas are hard to keep away from and the captures are a telling reminder of how beautiful Mother Nature is.

Tips to capture that great photo
  1. First and foremost, always keep the iPhone (for example) with you and it should have enough charge in it all times. It would be a shame to come upon a situation where your heart conceives a composition but you do not have your phone with you or its not sufficiently charged. Remember, iPhones do use a good amount of charge to shoot - review - adjust - reshoot.
  2. The iPhone camera provides you with some pretty cool tools to take better pictures. Use them as much as possible; Grid lines, HDR, touch focus, burst shots etc. The more you experiment, the better you will get in using them and better the control you will have when shooting.
  3. The iPhone camera, though very useful and effective in taking pictures, does have its own limitations - fixed focal length, inability to control ISO or shutter speed etc. Therefore, try and keep it as simple as you can.
  4. Follow standard photography principles and rules. Compose your images using your imagination and creativity. Use reflections, silhouettes and dramatic angles to enhance your shots.
  5. Don’t overuse the preset photo effects. But having said that, there are times when you may need to correct and adjust the images you've clicked. There are many image correction apps available in the App Store. See what you're comfortable with before applying the final touches.

Courtesy: Bobby Joshi

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