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The Best Camera App For Macro Photos & Remote Control Photography

Designed for your iPhone, iPad & Apple Watch

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Camera Plus - apple watch

Camera Plus On Apple Watch

Camera Plus has gone even more personal. Interact with Camera Plus for Apple Watch and capture photos & videos in a manner that is super convenient and incredibly fun! Your iPhone and iPad is now a camera that is connected to your wrist and Apple Watch is your viewfinder to the world.

  • Photo captures
  • Video recordings
  • A Choice of front or back camera
  • Countdown timer
  • Instant preview after capture
  • Live Preview when capturing

Camera Plus on the Apple Watch can remotely trigger the capture of photos & videos!

  • AirSnap Icon


    AirSnap lets you pair any two iOS devices to capture photos and videos remotely from afar. If you’re tired of
    getting stuck behind the camera, say Hello to your savior! Just hook up two iOS devices and Camera Plus takes care of the rest.
    One device becomes a wireless camera that can be controlled by the other device, via remote control. Now don’t miss out on photos,
    videos and selfies involving your family, group, pets and more!

    Watch Video >>

    Fire Camera Plus on the desired devices
    and hit the AirSnap button on the
    one you want to assign as the camera.

  • PAIR

    Choose the other device and pair the two
    wirelessly using either WiFi or Bluetooth.


    Position the camera device accordingly and
    strike a pose. You now have the power to trigger
    the capture with the remote device!


    Camera Plus automatically remembers your
    devices so that you don’t have to.
    Second time’s a charm, eh?


  • Focus Mode Feature
    Choose from Macro, Normal and Far to bring desired subjects into focus and get really sharp photos. Perspective
  • Focus Shift Feature
    Effortlessly bring desired subjects in and out of focus and obscure the rest to give videos that cinematic treatment. Director
  • Lumy Feature
    An exposure slider for photos and videos that intelligently adjusts the ambient lighting. Illuminated
  • Filters Feature
    Add a dash of color to give photos a personal angle with select handpicked filters. Emotion
  • Photo Captions Feature
    Paint your picture, literally, by choosing from several beautiful font styles and colors. Story
  • Tweak Feature
    Edit photos by playing around with the color, saturation and more to make it stand out. Creative
  • Pixd Feature
    With just a tap, Camera Plus transforms any photo to make them instantly look beautiful. Magic
  • Private Roll Feature
    Lock your photos and videos away from the public view. Personal
  • Share Feature
    Let the world see what you have to show. Be it social media or email, no capture is too far away. Display


Automatically initiate AirSnap on other devices that
have your iCloud account logged in. Swift.
Need a quick capture from anywhere within the app?
No problem! Shake your device to instantly get to
the capture screen. Pronto.
Capturing photos and videos on an iPad needn’t be difficult.
Get all capture controls right by your fingers
when shooting. Flexible.
Use Camera Plus’ photo editing features including Pix’d, Filters
and Text via the default Photos app.

27+ Million Downloads

9+ Million Unique Users

Localized into 11 Languages

Editors' Choice by the App Store

Part of the iTunes App Store Best of 2014


  • "Camera Plus is quick and produces images as good as other top-tier photo apps. While not overflowing
    with seldom-used features, it has what you need to take excellent photos by providing tools to
    help you align, focus and compose your images." -
  • "Camera Plus 3.0 brings Apple’s flatter, cleaner iOS 7 design ethos to its own UI,
    and the streamlined, quality-focused approach is a nice change of
    pace." -
  • "A long-standing App Store favourite, the app now looks slicker than ever
    after an update to version 3.0 which melds beautifully with iOS 7′s
    svelte aesthetic." -
  • "The ability to restrict focus is handy, and Lumy does make it easy to
    fine-tune your shots." -
  • "The first time I launched the newly designed Camera Plus app I knew it would quickly become
    one of my favorite photo management and editing apps again." -
  • "For those not experienced with photo editing, Camera Plus makes it easy
    to learn how." -
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