Remove ads!
  • Please remove the popup ads generated in Boom, or let us toggle them off, or I'll simply uninstall Boom. It was for something about a Facebook app called Shriek?
  • Seriously! Why were these ads added to LICENSED copies of Boom? I can understand for a demo copy but not for paying customers. As previously said, either remove them, allow me to turn them off or I'll just uninstall the app.

  • @harringg @bgerson
    Please note that Shriek is not a 3rd party app advertisement. But, it is our own free app, built for Boom users to have some fun. It was programmed to appear just once so as to inform you about it. As of now we have removed it. But do let us know if there are further instances of it appearing again.
  • @admin
    Really? No mention anywhere on your website of Shriek. No mention in the update that it was going to be included.

    Thank you for removing it (it appeared at least twice for me but never again) but next time you want to promote a new product, please do it the normal way.

    Thank you,

  • Hi Bruce,

    We ran a post on our website regarding the new update with details about Shriek. In case you missed it, here's the link:

    Do try it out, we are sure you will like it!
  • I did miss it. I don't necessarily troll the websites looking for updates and press releases. I meant that it could have been sent as an e-mail to registered users.

  • @bruce

    That was my thought too, that's what email newsletters are for.