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Boom Online Videos and Music

Boost the volume of online videos at the system level. Enjoy a booming experience with YouTube, Hulu and all other online videos. Want to see it in action, check the video below.

Boom for Music

Ever wished your music sounded louder in your iPod/iPhone. Boom can boost your music files and transfer them to your iPod. Play the two music files below and feel the difference

boom boosts your music files on your macbook


An ordinary music file without boom


music now with the boomed volume

Boom your chat

Low voice level during iChat is one of the most frustrating experience. Boom can solve that for you. Check out the following video to see it in action

Boom your favorite movie and music application.

Now boost the volume of applications like iTunes and QuickTime in the same simple way that you change the volume - one click.

Boom your Games too!

Boom can also enliven your game experience by enhancing the audio. Feel more alive!


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Boom runs only on MAC.