See what the different versions of Boom can do for your Mac

Features BoomBoom 1.x
System-Wide Volume Booster Personalized & Calibrated Simple & Uncalibrated
Readymade Equalizers Presets Yes Yes
Custom Equalizer Control 10-band & Advanced Equalizers 10-band Equalizer
Frequency Constrain Controls Yes No
File Audio Boosting Intelligent & Optimized Manual
One-Click Amazing Audio Effects Yes. Ambience & Fidelity No
Customized Audio for YOUR Mac Yes. Uniquely Tailored Audio No
User Interface Smart and New-Age Simple & Minimal
64-bit Compatible for Max. Efficiency Yes No. 32-bit
Mac OS X Compatibility Designed Specially for OS X Yosemite Runs on 10.8, 10.9 & 10.10