Voila: An Eventful 5 Year Journey

February 6th, 2014




Necessity is the mother of invention. That’s the age-old adage we’ve come to accept over time. But in today’s world, leaders and various honchos have turned the tables upside down by narrating market forces. What once used to be the holy grail of interaction between humans is now an excuse for manufactured fads, one after the other. We’ve got “trends” being subconsciously fed into us whether we accept it or not. Love it or loathe it, welcome to the future. The hand that feeds has gently started to retract. This brings us to the delicate situation of how Voila came to be. We wanted to create something in response to what was needed rather than pushing out something haphazard and banking on its novelty. This was the start of our conceptualisation process that culminated in its release at the 2009 Macworld Expo. After 5 productive and eventful years, we couldn’t be happier.



Screen capture tools have come a long way since its humble beginnings. The ubiquitous screen capture has, over time, evolved into a potent graphic with a purpose. Today, everyone from Educators and Students to Graphic Designers and DIY enthusiasts turn to screen captures to aid them in their work. It has also spawned several situations where they’ve become indispensable. A few years ago, screen capture suites were hard done by themselves for being too complicated. There wasn’t even a Mac App Store that could’ve provided a repertoire of utilities and apps for the general public.

This got us thinking and we wanted to create something that captured both, images and video, minus the clutter and garbage. All this and more in a package that was compact and easy to play around with. We started scouring internet forums and message boards to find out what users really craved for. The resulting research indicated that people wanted something that could capture, edit and share easily without having to pay a bomb.

Voila came out with innovative ideas wherein anything onscreen could be captured in a multitude of ways. You could capture specific regions with the ingenious shape specific tools. Voila was one of the earliest to include captures using freehand, oval and circle cutouts. Multiple regions onscreen could also be captured simultaneously, thus laying down the gauntlet as one of the pioneers in serious screen recording.

The recent versions of Voila were renowned for it’s intuitive interface and almost no learning curve. It is a powerful beast on the inside and cuddly-to-hold on the outside. As a testament to its compactness and efficiency, it is used by some of the who’s who like NASA, Fortune 500 companies, Apple, Facebook, IBM, Universities, Schools, Media houses and several others. Not bad for something that started out with dream and is now a fully-fledged screen capture suite.

Voila is poised for greater things in the upcoming months. We’ve got some surprises in store for you guys in the near future and we’re making sure that all you guys will be pleasantly surprised. If you haven’t given Voila a go yet, check out our website and download a copy now. Have a great day!

~ Siddharth

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