Introducing Camera Plus 3.0 – The Next Level Of iPhone Photography

October 16th, 2013


Camera Plus 3.0


Today isn’t just another day. For us folks here in our cozy office at Global Delight, it is the day we release a very special app that takes the best of what the iPhone’s optics has to offer and adds innovative features that make every single capture dazzle. The latest and greatest upgrade to Camera Plus is finally here. Say hello to Camera Plus 3.0 – The slickest, savviest and most svelte camera app for iOS 7 and the iPhones. From spending countless hours burning the midnight oil to almost fumbling the release, we’ve had a wonderful journey filled with emotion. To say the least, we couldn’t be happier right now, even if we tried!


Camera Plus 3.0 Capture Screen


Camera Plus 3.0 is the coolest camera app to come out for the iPhone and iOS 7. We feel so not because we made it (or do we?) but because we honestly think it is light years ahead of the crowd. We pushed the boundaries and reinvented the concept of mobile photography to provide an actual intuitive user experience. We also wanted to design an app that didn’t look like it was made for the Addams Family! So we used our grey cells to create something that was a perfect mix of the right features and looks that oozes style from every angle.

What you see today is a real contender to replace the stock camera app on the iPhone. Camera Plus is ideal for use on a daily basis and leverages the behemoth that lies within the iPhone’s camera. Ultimately, it is designed to bring back the true essence of iPhone and mobile photography.


Camera Plus Focus Modes - Macro, Normal and Far


The stars of the show are the 3 Focus Modes, Lumy and Pix’d, amongst others.


Different Focus Modes (Macro, Normal and Far) make your photos say more than what’s been captured. We all love photos that have a sense of depth and by giving you the freedom to experiment, the possibilities are endless! Tap and hold on screen to switch focus modes and immerse yourself in wonderful stock, nature, landscape and creative photography.

Lumy is our answer to all your lighting problems. We all crave for good lighting at every situation. What is the use of taking brilliant photos and videos if you don’t get to see it in all its glory!  We thought so too and hence ‘Lumy’ was born. A simple slide intelligently changes the brightness and exposure levels in response to the surrounding ambient conditions. Go crazy, get ahead of the curve with splendidly bright captures, minus the sulk!

Pix’d is a godsend for all those photos in your Camera Roll. All of us, at some point, have wished for a snappy solution to the complex problem of unsatisfactory looking pictures. Fret no more as with just one tap, Camera Plus magically transforms any image by scanning for and rectifying mismatches to make them look more natural. Wave goodbye to all color, lighting, skin tone problems with just a wish (or Tap)!


Camera Plus - Intelligent Brightness and Exposure Control


Also included in this app is a Locked Roll, to keep all your captures safe. Don’t we all have our moments that deserve its own space? This presents an alternative to all those sloppy attempts at hiding captures from the eyes of the world. To all those Peeping Toms out there, you’ve been warned! A password protects the Locked Roll to keep it secure.

Another very handy yet exciting feature that’ll probably get you addicted is the Shake element, which forms a salient part of the Camera Plus experience. From anywhere inside the app, just shake your device once to get to the capture screen. We intended this function to blend in nicely with the fluidic animations and slick interface. Why retrace every single step when you can just shake your way there. And no, we won’t judge even if you shake for no reason!

Finally, Camera Plus allows instant sharing to sites like Instagram, Facebook, Flickr, Twitter and more. As a bonus, Instagram users get to stuff their entire image within the square format before sending it! The usual suspects like iMessage and Mail are also included.


Camera Plus - Instant Sharing To Facebook, Instagram, Flickr and Twitter


Camera Plus 3.0, in many ways, is a story on its own. The vivid and stunning layout counts for nothing if not for the equally powerful features that come with it. This is our effort to begin a new wave of smart, next-gen photography by equipping people with an app that literally cannot get easier to use. Get ready to enrich your everyday iPhone photography experience. Go on; begin a brand new adventure with Camera Plus 3.0.

To commemorate the release, we’re giving Camera Plus 3.0 away @ 50% off for $0.99 only! Also, our existing 9 Million+ users get this upgrade free on their iOS 7 devicesIf that’s not tempting enough, you need to pinch yourself. So what are you waiting for? Hit the button below to get started on the best camera app out there. Also, like us on Twitter. We really hope you enjoy the new Camera Plus.


Download Camera Plus 3.0 on the App Store


~ The Global Delight Team


  1. Carl Sutherland
    | #1

    I have Camera +. How do I get the free upgrade?

    Thank you, Carl Sutherland

  2. Carlos Rivera
    | #2

    Will Camera Plus Pro be updated too?

  3. FutureMedia
    | #3

    I’m confused. Isn’t Camera Plus Pro 4.6.3 your best ever camera? I own both so I’m really at a loss to understand the differences. Could someone at your firm tell us definitively which camera app is better on iOS 7 on an iPhone 5S?

  4. Marketing Team
    | #4


    Camera Plus 3.0 is intended to offer a completely new and refreshing upgrade to the offerings currently available on iOS 7. It is a camera app that is meant to offer an unmatched experience along the lines of iOS 7 and take advantage of the fantastic camera on the new iPhone 5s. Camera Plus Pro, on the other hand, is geared more towards taking captures and adding to them with a suite of features including live filters, more in-depth editing and the like.

  5. Marketing Team
    | #5

    Hi Carlos,

    Yes. Camera Plus Pro received an update last week. Update it to 4.6.3 and let us know what you think!

  6. T-Will
    | #6

    I’m confused, I already own “Camera Plus Pro v4.6.3″, will it eventually be getting the “Camera Plus 3.0″ features and UI update?

  7. admin
    | #7

    @T-Will: They are 2 different camera apps having its own merits, which is very clear. There’s nothing much to get confused. :)

  8. T-Will
    | #8

    I didn’t realize (before this) that there are two versions of Camera Plus available, got it now. Thanks.

  9. admin
    | #9

    @T-Will: Hey, no worries, you are welcome! Do take the NEW Camera Plus for a ride and enjoy the experience.

  10. Bob
    | #10

    Surprised there is no way that I can find to delete a photo from within the app. So far I have had to go to the Camera app, bring up the Camera Roll and delete from there. Am I missing something?

  11. admin
    | #11

    @Bob: Actually, even we have come across this situation, only to settle with the fact that Apple DOESN’T allow any third party apps to delete photos/videos in the Camera Roll [Photos app] through the third party apps. The only way for any of us is to delete unwanted content from the ‘Photos’ app. It’s a little inconvenience as against a huge advantage that even by mistake you don’t delete your precious memories through the third party apps.

  12. Marketing Team
    | #12

    Hey Carl

    You’ve confused our pioneering camera app ‘Camera Plus’ with another app with a strangely similar name. So no, you won’t be eligible for any upgrade. On the other hand, you can give our app a go and see for yourself how our app is better. Visit to know more

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