Camera Plus Pro Update: Share On Instagram And Tumblr

Share on Instagram and Tumblr from Camera Plus Pro

New features: Save directly to Camera Roll and share on Instagram & Tumblr


We have launched the new version of Camera Plus Pro (v4.6) today. And this is a major update for Camera Plus Pro users who not only love snapping great photos & videos but do not want to miss an opportunity snapping a picture-perfect moment! Following new additions to Camera Plus Pro app would take your iPhone photography to the next level:

- Share photos on Instagram
- Share photos and videos on Tumblr
- Option to save photos and videos directly to Camera Roll
- Preview and share photos and videos from Camera Roll
- Preview and share videos at 640×480 (480p) resolution

Let’s see each of these features in detail.

Share photos on Instagram:

Camera Plus Pro allows you to take beautiful photos and further enhance your photos with editing, filters and borders. And now you have one more photo sharing site, Instagram, to showcase your great photos from Camera Plus Pro. Choose a photo from Camera Plus Pro and tap on the Instagram icon in the Share screen to post it onto Instagram for other Instagrammers to appreciate your photos! At the moment you can post one photo at a time to Instagram. Btw, we have re-designed the Share screen!

Share photos and videos on Tumblr:

Great photos and videos tend to be shared everywhere and Tumblr is another place where you can see a plenty of them. Many of you asked us to provide an option to share your beautiful photos and videos onto Tumblr and ta-da, here it is! While there’s no restriction from Tumblr to get photos out there, you need to be sure to share videos of under 5-minute length. Even though you upload a video of more than 5 minutes of length, Tumblr would play only the first 5 minutes of your video. No, it’s not us, Tumblr says it so. We know a secret! You can shoot beautiful Time-Lapse videos in Camera Plus Pro and share it on Tumblr.

Option to save photos and videos directly to Camera Roll:

Now you have an option to choose where you would like to save your photos and videos from the capture screen. Just do a long tap on the Library icon from the camera screen and you can choose the option from the pop-up either to save in Camera Roll or Quick Roll. With this option you can take great photos with already-in-place great camera controls like a separate White Balance Exposure lock, Focus lock, Grid, Anti-Shake (Stabilizer) and Big Button (touch the screen to take a photo).

And what if you are in the Quick Roll library and wanted to switch to Camera Roll? Simple! Just tap on the ‘Quick Roll’ on the top bar in the Quick Roll library and you’d get a drop-down with an option to switch to Camera Roll. And, follow the same step to switch to Quick Roll from Camera Roll in this mode. All in all, you have the freedom to choose where your photos and videos should be residing or may be which ones should go where.

Preview and share photos and videos from Camera Roll:

By the way, when you are in Camera Roll mode, you can preview photos and videos, and import them to Quick Roll for further enhancement with robust photo editing tools or with great collection of photo filters. Tap and hold onto a photo or video and you can instantly share it on various photo/video sharing sites. In the next update you are going to see some more nifty features in this section.

Preview and share videos at 640×480 (480p) resolution:

From the video sharing screen you can now preview the video before you upload them. In addition, Camera Plus Pro now uploads a video in a better quality improving the video playback experience of others watching your video. The uploading is quick too.

The new update has some great improvements in the shooting and sharing section and we are committed to bringing you better updates.

Go ahead, download Camera Plus Pro and enjoy all new features that make you become a pro iPhoneographer. Don’t forget to share your feedback and comments with us while leaving a great review on the App Store!



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    Can you upload videos to Instagram with this app?

  2. Reeza
    | #2

    How do you delete from this app? If you cannot, please install an delete button ASAP!!!!!! Because exiting to go back & forth from app to pp deleting photos is NOT OK!!

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