App Update: Boom Volume Booster And Voila Screen Capture

March 11th, 2013

Today we are releasing updates to Boom – the volume booster and Mac equalizer app, and Voila – the Mac screen capture and recording tool. The updates mainly improve the apps’ quality by way of defect fixes and some improvements in the features. Let’s go through the changes we have made to these Mac apps.

Boom volume booster and Mac equalizer app: Some Boom customers running Mac OS10.7.1 to 10.7.3 experienced some missing UI elements. A quick fix was to update their OS to 10.7.4 or to the latest version and this would have automatically fixed it for them. However, we have now fixed this in Boom v1.7 for those who are yet to update their Mac OS X to the latest version. In addition to this, all Boom lovers would get the following 6 new system-wide Mac equalizers to enjoy with your music/video play:
1. Acoustics
2. Classical
3. Electronic
4. Jazz
5. Pop
6. Rock

Voila Mac screen capture app: This all-in-one screen capture and screen recording app for Mac now sports some new options and defect fixes. Below you’ll find few highlights and you can visit the Voila v3.4 Release Notes for complete change log:

1. Voila Helper: The menu bar icon now enables you to screen-capture or screen-record even after you have quit Voila from your Dock. Voila Helper is an option for you to turn on or off from the Preferences; however, the first time you quit Voila it puts up a prompt on whether to run the app in the background via a menu bar icon presence.

Voila Mac screen capture preferencesPlease note, Voila Helper will run only when you have quit the app while it was running from Dock. Quitting Voila app from menu bar icon will not enable Voila Helper to run and you need to re-launch Voila to perform your screen capture or for other image editing needs.

2. Pause/Resume option during screen recording: This is a new addition to the screen recording feature and this option is provided in the status menu. When you start a screen recording, the ‘Pause Recording’ option gets enabled. You can pause the recording based on your needs and the pause recording option changes its status to ‘Resume Recording’. Any action that you perform on your screen when you have paused the recording will not be recorded till you continue recording by clicking the ‘Resume Recording’ option.

3. Voila audio recording component: This is a separate audio recording component that needs to be downloaded and installed on your system. It is a new component that we have built to improve Voila’s audio recording capabilities from the system. When you start a new video recording, you will be prompted to download and install this Voila audio component. Once installed, ‘VoilaDevice’ would get listed under the Sound Output devices in System Preferences. This is a one-time action and you can un-install this audio component from the Voila Preferences –> Video Recording tab.

4. Other improvements and fixes: Tag auto-completion feature helps to find better matches of tags by providing a drop-down list that was added earlier to other image or video files. Postbox mail client support has been added for you to mail the images/videos directly from the Voila app (go to Voila Preferences–>Export–>Default mailing client drop-down to choose this option). We have fixed defects related to error while saving video with USB device selected as audio input, and also the YouTube login authentication problem is now solved.

These are free updates for all the existing customers. Mac App Store users will get a notification badge on the Mac App Store icon. Hit the ‘Updates’ section on the Mac App Store and download the app updates for free. Non Mac App Store version users would get an update notification prompt (if not, click the ‘Check for Updates’ option manually) to download the free update.

We thank our wonderful customers who provide their support, feedback, suggestions to improve our Mac apps and we don’t forget our Beta users as well. Hope you like the new updates and if you are a first-time visitor to the Global Delight site, you can try Boom volume booster and Voila Mac screen capture for free.


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