Photo Delight 2.0: Adding Joy to Your Photos

August 14th, 2012

Memory. You can’t see it. You can’t hold it. You can’t print it out and frame it on the wall to cherish it forever. And you certainly can’t stop it from decaying with age.

Photos however capture memory, a slice of your life, your soul, which you can revisit whenever you want. Each one tells a story and takes you back in time.
All of us have captured some moments of our life to create that perfect replica for reminiscing instantly.

Photo Delight was born out of a love for making those instances even more memorable for you.

Enhancing pictures by adding various effects has been around for a while now. And we are certainly not the first app to help you make your photos more beautiful.

Since the launch of Photo Delight in December 2010, we have worked hard to set new standards for creating masterpieces out of ordinary snaps with a remarkably intelligent feature like Smart Mode that brings uncompromising great looks to your photos.

It lets you refill color into desired areas of your image like that little black dress or that yellow duck die and share your stories in a whole new way.

Since childhood, we have been daunted by the amount of precision required to fill color along the edges in the pictures.

Smart Mode, the brain of Photo Delight, is intelligent, highly productive and delivers staggering results by taking care of color spills. More than anything, it lets us stay human.

Photo Delight v2.0 is as powerful as it gets.

Highlights of Photo Delight v2.0:
- Gorgeous UI built for the Retina display.
- “Smart Touch” ensures no color spills, making the color splashing process fun, fast and easy.
- Ability to colorize photos of up to 20 Mega Pixels.
- Integrated with iOS’s Twitter and Facebook sharing.
- Sharing photos on Flickr, Photobucket or via Email.
- Simple workflow ensuring lasting User Experience.
- A quick video tutorial about colorizing your photos.

Get Photo Delight for just $1.99 on the iTunes App Store and hold on to the very best of your life forever.

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