Tips to Get More Views for your Videos

May 2nd, 2012

Get more views for your videos

In our last post we spoke about how to get the best videos out of your devices. The question that now arises is, you just shot a great video, now what? You might be an aspiring vlogger, a musician or even an actor and want to create the next viral video or just showcase your talents so that you get noticed. However, a great video without viewers is like having the latest model of Porsche in your garage, without fuel. You know you have something great, but don’t know how to make others know it too. Here are a few tips that could help you in getting more views to your videos:

1. Edit it: Let me begin this with a question. Do you enjoy watching an extremely shaky, barely entertaining and hardly audible video? We know not everyone is a Steven Spielberg here, but that is what video-editing apps are here for. Apps like Game your Video help you bring an interesting angle to your videos with cool filters, audio effects and transitions. Use these apps to give a better polish to your videos and make them more entertaining.

2. Make it short: ‘Short is Sweet’ is the mantra that you have to keep in mind while recording your video. No one likes to watch videos that are too long. Try to keep your videos at the most shorter than a minute.

3. Get a great username: A username is more or less your social media identity. Do you really want people to remember (or easily forget) you with a username such as ‘##$58@@*&@667789‘? We come across several YouTubers in Game your Video’s ‘I DID THIS‘ community with very long usernames which are rather difficult to remember. Get a good, legible username. It will come in handy when you make it big on these social media platforms.

4. Get a great title: Give your audience a reason to watch your videos. A title can easily pull viewers in and make them click on the video. A video entitled ‘Jeff’s Birthday Party‘ would hardly make some one click on it. But if the same video was entitled ‘Baby Jeff’s Funny First Birthday‘, this would tempt you to click it. The key here is to encourage people to view your video. Try to have some intriguing titles, use words like funny, hilarious, behind the scenes, exclusive, etc. in your titles. People are always looking for things that make them laugh, shock or awe them.

5. Tag your videos properly: Always provide the relevant tags to your video. Thus when someone is searching for a video using the keywords ‘Birthday’, ‘funny’, etc., your birthday video too would appear among the results. Do remember that the keywords are another way of explaining what your video is about and what people can expect from it, so use it to best describe your video.

6. Get a great thumbnail: A video thumbnail is a visual snapshot of your video that shows up when you share the video. This would be one of the scenes from your video. They act as mini-marketing posters for your video and are most important for attracting clicks to your video. Most of the platforms provide you with a set of thumbnails from your video that you can choose from. But you will find that many vloggers on YouTube are able to have a custom thumbnail for their videos. This is only possible if you are a YouTube Partner. So until you become one, choose the most compelling image among the ones provided to you as a thumbnail.

7. Upload and share across several platforms: When you have a video to share, don’t stop at YouTube. All of you must be having accounts on Facebook, Twitter, etc. Make use of these accounts to share your videos out to the masses. Email it to friends and family and ask them to share it with their friends. The idea is to spread your reach. You might even consider sharing your videos on Vimeo which is getting quite popular among the video makers fraternity. For better results, try to share the video during times of the day when most people are actively using the sites. For example, most people use Twitter in the noon or early evening.

8. Make videos public: While we are speaking of sharing videos across several platforms, it is important to remember that if you want to attract a lot of viewers, your video must be public. Most of these platforms provide you with an option to either hide your videos or keep them available to only a few. Based on the type of video you are sharing, if you want to share them with all, remember to make it public.

So, are you set to wow everyone with your newly acquired video-sharing skills? We are curious to know what tip helped you the most and if we missed out on a few, feel free to add on to them in the comments below.


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