Boom Mac Volume Booster v1.4- The Best Just Got Better

May 23rd, 2012

Boom Mac Volume Booster New Interface

Boom volume booster does find a place in every Mac out here in Global Delight, just like most of you use it for cranking your Mac’s volume or for setting customizable presets for YouTube, Skype, Netflix, iTunes and the likes.

It’s been a while we were working on the new version of Boom, testing it internally, giving it to the Beta users for a spin, obtaining their feedback and then tweaking it further. We now have the new update [v1.4] released simultaneously on the Mac App Store and also from the Boom website. Following is the detailed change list in the new version.

Boom v1.4 New Features:
- Scroll gesture for adjusting Boom volume slider in Snow Leopard and Lion OS, like the default volume slider
- Frequency markings displayed on the Equalizer bands on mouse hover for accurate setting
- Quit option in the Boom window and status bar drop-down
- Secondary click option on Boom status bar icon

Defects Fixed:
- Delay in the initial audio playing
- Sudden volume drop issue

It’s a free update for the existing Boom users and the new users could buy it for just $6.99 from the Mac App Store or from our Online Store. There’s a 7 day free trial of Boom for you to play with it.

With version 1.2 of Boom volume booster, we added a feedback system within the app’s User Interface. Since then, we have received thousands of comments from the Boom users. We have been digging through the tons of feedback and comments that were received in the past few weeks. More than 92% of you have told that Boom is the perfect volume booster or equalizer app for your Mac! And the rest 8% have showed the trouble areas, feedback and suggestions that we can improve the tool further. We are overwhelmed with your response! We thank each one of you for taking your time to show us your love for Boom.

Keep sending your feedback our way and don’t forget to share your experience of Boom with your friends and followers on Facebook and Twitter.


  1. Gus Supan
    | #1

    Purchased Booom some time ago but since purchased a new Mac Lion and can’t seem to find it. Any suggestions? Also would like the free update. Thanks

  2. Jay Levine
    | #2

    I’ve been a licensed user of Boom for about a year now and it has been great. Been trying to install the newest version (1.4) since it was released several weeks ago. Have tried to install it at least 10 times. I get to the main installer screen with the little slide-show and then it just sits there…forever. The slide-show continues but installation is never completed. The only way to get out is to re-start the Mac. I’ve even done a full uninstall of Boom so I had to re-enter my license key, but the same thing happens. I have now been without the application since about May 25th. I just tried again to re-install but the same thing happens. Installer hangs. PLEASE HELP!


  3. Jay Levine
    | #3

    I should add that I am running OS 10.7.4 and have tried installing with no other applications running and nothing running in the menu bar. Occasionally, after 5 or 8 minutes, I will get an error that says, “Installation failed due to internal error. Try re-installing”. It then gives me an “Install” button which when I click it, the same cycle occurs again. Please let me know if you need any other info.


  4. Boom Support Team
    | #4

    @Jay Levine

    Thank you for the detailed info. As you have mentioned that you have uninstalled Boom completely, could you tell us whether it was done within the app(i.e settings>preference>uninstall)? If yes, then you should have been able to install a fresh copy of Boom(unless there was some error in downloading the update)(also if you have trashed the app, you might get the installation error). Also have you tried downloading a fresh version of Boom from our website and re-installing the same? If not, lets install Boom from scratch. To do so, do you see BoomDevice in your System Sound Preference? If yes, check for BoomDevice.kext in the following path System/Library/Extensions, if present delete it and also delete Boom app, now ensure that BoomDevice has been removed from System Sound Preference (under output). Next restart the system.


    Please enter the following sudo command in Terminal.

    1) Open Terminal
    2) Enter the command
    sudo kextunload /System/Library/Extensions/BoomDevice.kext/
    Ensure that BoomDevice has been removed from System Sound Preference, If not run the command again
    3) Delete Boom app

    Make a fresh install of Boom.

    Please install Boom from the following link:

    Make sure that you drag & drop the Boom icon to your application folder and then install it from the application folder.

    If you still have issues, please do contact us at boom(at)globaldelight(dot)com

  5. Boom Support Team
    | #5

    Hope the link appears now at-least: (globaldelight(dot)com/boom/)

    Or you can always download the trial version from our site and register the copy with the registration code provided to you on purchase.

  6. Jay Levine
    | #6

    Hi all. Sorry I didn’t get back sooner but I’ve been very busy today. To answer your questions, I was not able to uninstall Boom using the build in “uninstaller” because when I first attempted to install the new version of Boom over the old version, when it gets to the installer screen which hangs, after I reboot, Boom no longer starts so I can’t access the prefs dialog with the uninstaller. I then used an application called Amnesia which searched and found all Boom related files (I think) including the BoomDevice.kext extension as well as all of the prefs (plist) files. I have done a fresh download of Boom (free trial version) several times to ensure that my installer was not corrupt, but I get the same problem every time. I have no other link to download it from and the link you provided above just takes me to the main Boom page. When attempting the install, I have moved the Boom icon to the applications folder every time and tried to install from there. I even created a new “user” on my Mac that has a completely clean startup, but still no luck, same problem.


  7. Boom Support Team
    | #7

    @Jay Levine

    Thank you for your response. Our support team will get in touch with you shortly.

  8. Jay Levine
    | #8

    Altho’ I never was able to complete the install with the version of Boom downloaded directly from your web site, your suggestion to download and install it from the Mac App Store worked perfectly! Thanks y’all. I’ve got one of my most useful apps back!

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