Boom, Mac Volume Booster App turns 1

February 4th, 2012

Boom 1st year

It does not seem too long ago when Boom Volume Booster App won the Macworld 2011 Best of Show Award when it was launched. But here we are already celebrating its first anniversary. Boom was conceived as a solution to the low volume issue every Mac user faces with their laptop or iPhone speaker. But after we launched it, we were amazed and happy to see how Boom also addressed life changing issues of several users, especially those who are hard of hearing. Gives us a warm fuzzy feeling when we receive such user stories from all of you. We thank you all for using Boom, sending us all your feedback and helping us make the app better every time. We have some really big plans for Boom for the year ahead. So if you have some feature or improvement you would like to see included, do drop us a mail or just post in the comments section below. Of course we are also available on Twitter and Facebook, so do come by and say Hello!

Now you must be curious about what we have in store for you on this occasion. As a special treat, Boom will be available for just $6.99 both on the App Store and our Global Delight Store for a limited period. You can choose your pick where you want to grab your copy from, and if you already have a copy of Boom, you can always gift it to your family or friends!

Have a Booming time!


  1. | #1

    Fabulous! This works Fabulously!

  2. A Kellett
    | #2

    Hey JFYI your App Store link is broken!

  3. | #3

    Thanks @A Kellett. Fixed it.

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