Game your Video: Stop Editing Videos, Start Gaming Them

January 25th, 2012

Game your Video

Would you tick Video Editing as one of the most enjoyable activities? All of us have some experience in video editing in one form or the other and will agree that it is one pain you always pray you never have to deal with again. I have so many non-memorable times when I just wanted to edit a small video clip and ended up having to learn tons of rocket science stuff like transitions, overlay, etc. And I loathed auto-edits, because I found my videos lacked character and didn’t see my work in them and somehow didn’t feel like I totally owned them.

So what do you do when someone says they can make video editing as much fun as playing a game? You’d call them crazy!! But crazy or not, Global Delight has done just that, bringing the gaming feel into video editing! Enter Game your Video, a completely new genre in video editing that brings together the worlds of videos, music and gaming!

Game your Video UI

What does Game your Video do?
Do you remember the times when you would play on your console, hitting a button to duck or shoot and wished everything in life could be controlled that way? Now imagine replacing the console with your iPhone and the game with your video, where you can pick and choose from tons of cool visual effects, interesting flavors and awesome audio effects, and all this live! Game your Video gives you the power to add stunning motion effects, fun audio transformations and dazzling visual effects to make your videos fun and engaging! What’s more interesting is that you can even do this while recording the video!!

The app is so simple to use that you will only find excuses to keep using it again and again. With as little as a single tap, you can edit your videos with some of the most stunning outputs. Game your Video also lets you game your existing videos from your Camera Roll, so that you can give it some Video Editing love too! :)

Stunning Motion effects:

Stunning Motion Effects

How often have you bored your friends by bragging about your victory shot at last night’s baseball game? With the slow motion effect you can show the awesomeness of your winning shot in slow motion and let your video do the talking! Or use the Echo effect and give your video a cool Matrix-like effect. You have tons of other cool effects like Fast motion, Jitter, Spin, RGB Split and more that will truly set your video apart from the rest.

Fun Audio transformations: 
Fun Audio Transformations

How cool is it when you can transform your voice to sound like a demon in a scary video and scare the hell out of your friends? Or if comedy is your forte, then turn on the Chipmunk effect, and make the bully in your video sound like a Chipmunk (works on your boss too ;) ). The Baby voice effect will definitely get loads of chuckles from everyone.

Video flavors:

Video Flavors

Game your Video also has the best combination of audio, visual and motion effects in the form of flavors which you can quickly apply to your videos. So with just a tap you can go back in time with your Chaplin-style videos complete with jitter, black-and-white filter and a funny sound track, typical of the good old Chaplin movies. For a sitcom-style movie, hit the Audience effect for the complete package of background laugh and applause.

Visual effects:

Visual Effects

With just a flick of your finger you can change the mood of your video. Moods ranging from Old BW, Spooky, Vintage, Nostalgia and more give your videos the right feel and will make you look like the next Steven Spielberg in the making!



After all this fun, share your work with like-minded videographers in our vibrant ‘I DID THIS!’ community. See what magic others have created with their videos and show off some of yours too. With Game your Video, even the sky is not the limit!

So where do you go to get all this awesomeness on your iPhone 4, 4S and iPod touch with camera? Rush to the App Store now and grab your copy of Game your Video at just $1.99! Don’t forget to share your masterpieces with us on Facebook and YouTube. And subscribe to the Game your Video Newsletter for tips, tricks and interesting stories.

Now you no longer edit videos, you game them!


  1. Samriddhi
    | #1

    Hi guys, Just wanted to stop by and say hello and congratulate you. Just wanted to know if there is an iPad version coming soon would love to download it for my iPad then!


  2. Marketing Team
    | #2

    Thank you @Samriddhi. Why don’t you try it on your iPhone in the meantime ;)

  3. Happy
    | #3

    Will you be supporting 1080p?

  4. Marketing Team
    | #4

    @Happy We do support the default resolution on your iPhone and iPod touch with camera as well. However in this mode you can only apply the video-filters, audio effects etc., after recording(Post-processing) the video not Live.

  5. Gartando
    | #5

    Hey i love your app, but how do you make that explosion fireball effect

  6. Gartando
    | #6

    How do you do the fireball explosion effect?

  7. Gartando
    | #7

    How do you do the missle effect

  8. Gartando
    | #8

    How do you do the missle effect?

  9. | #9

    Hey@Gartando we don’t have these in ‘Game your Video’, but you will find much more useful options like fun audio filters, beautiful video filters an flavors.

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